Sunday, March 9, 2014


SWEDISH SPEAKERS LAST WEEK: at Rotary West’s Swedish Visitors Night. We had a good turnout from Rutherford for last Wednesday’s event, as you will see from the photos included further on. The Club combined with Rotary West Club at the Yacht Club rooms, Wakefield Quay, which was a magic outlook for our overseas visitors. Their Leader gave a presentation on the statistics, peoples and and topography of Sweden, accompanied by a visual screen map and pictures of their country. They have about twice the land mass of NZ, and twice the size of population, so in many respects Sweden is similar to NZ. But of course they are closer to the Arctic circle in the north, so 90% of the population are concentrated in the southern half of their country. They have had extensive immigration over the years and therefore comprise a wide variety of races. Sweden is one of the more heavily taxed countries and that supports a country with a generous social services cover for their people. I have summarised the talk without the benefit of any notes this time, so trust that this is a reasonably accurate coverage ! …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Message from Russell Sampson & Committee: Re: ROTARY SWEDISH FRIENDSHIP EXCHANGE Six couples from Sweden D2400 visiting our District, arrivied in Christchurch on 25 February and are departing Christchurch on 12 March 2014. They are being home hosted by Rotarian families in Christchurch, Hokitika, Nelson, Blenheim and Ashburton. In Nelson they were hosted by: • Rutherford Club: Barrie and Lesley Whyte, Roger and Jennie Wilson, Russell and Pam Sampson • Stoke Tahuna Club: Dave and Marion McNicoll • Nelson West Club: Murray and Yvonne Butler • Nelson Club: Barry and Jenny Blommaart. A special thanks to these Rotarians and their families. See the note received from Jim Hudson below: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FROM THE DISTRICT RFE COMMITTEE Hello to the Nelson Hosts! A warm ‘thank you’ to you and your partners for hosting the Swedish Rotary Friendship Exchange team. I really appreciate your efforts in making them welcome and showing them something of your region which makes Nelson so special. I understand the WOW exhibition was a big hit and I’m sure they all enjoyed your home hospitality. A special ‘thank you’ to Russell for coordinating the programme and ensuring everything ran smoothly and to Russell and Pam for entertaining at home as well. I’m sure the Swedes will look back with fond memories at the time they spent in the Nelson area. We will be reciprocating next August when a team from our District visits District 2400. I’m delighted that Barry and Jenny and Murray and Yvonne will be part of that team. However you have all had the opportunity of building friendships, sharing experiences and learning something of another culture, which is what Rotary Friendship Exchange is all about. Next year It is hoped that we will welcome a party from Wales. In so doing we are building on better world understanding

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