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ROTARY CLUB OF RUTHERFORD, NELSON BULLETIN NO.14/02 FOR MONDAY 17TH FEBRUARY, 2014 ( 5 pages ) 5:30pm Prince Albert Hotel– MEAL Dining Room 6pm, Monday 17th February- 2nd meeting TONIGHT -- OUR RECENT RYLA NOMINEE, AMY SEYMOUR, will attend and address the meeting, and we have a Youth Leadership Award Certificate to present to Amy. REPORT on the Club activity with caravan at Brightwater Food & Wine Festival from Jeff is on the agenda for tonight. The Caravan over the Holiday Period turned a surplus of just over $2,000 to assist with Youth and Community development work, thanks to our Club volunteers at Tahuna Holiday Park and the two day International Cricket event at Saxton Field. Visitors to our Club are always welcome, just let know you are coming - by 10:30am Monday for catering.The apology no. is not monitored after 10:30am ( APOLOGIES- BY 10:30am - If no apology it costs you $15. ) SUBSCRIPTIONS for the next 6 months are now due – as before, $110 per member. ( Direct banking can be done to ASB Bank to A/c No. 12-3165-0354978-00 ) BOARD OF MANAGEMENT 2013 -2014 President: Michael Norton ( at ASB) Treasurer & Bulletin: Denis Daly –contact no. 548 6827 Pres. Elect Deputy: Bill Deaker - contact Ph. 544 8792 or 021 235 7098 Board Jeff Duncan, Mike Ballard, Jim Bishop Chair of Trust Ian Catto – contact no. 547 6118 Secretary Russell Sampson -- contact no. 540 3333 PROGRAMME LOOKING AHEAD : 24th February - Summer Science School Students will present. ( arranged by Ian C. ) DUTIES THIS MONDAY: Room Setup - Jeff D. Reception & Grace– Graham S. Parting Thought – Mike B. Sergeant - Russell S. Member’s Talk- Ian C. (thanks by Denis D.) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RUTHERFORD FOOD CARAVAN FUNDRAISING --- January fundraising activities CRICKET : Jim B and the team worked very hard on the International cricket day 4th January, it was a case of making the production effort fit the logistics, we were limited in the numbers of our members that could be in the Ground for this event, so it did put a strain on those who volunteered, as the shifts were longer, and when we ran out of Chips in the stock arrangements, some ingenuity was needed to round up a member on the outside to go shopping in the middle of it all. Thanks to Graham S. the stocks just held out to meet the demand that day. Foot-note: ----we may be a small Club, but our members are all working hard to keep the Rotary ideals and community spirit and our fund-raising for special purposes, all moving along at this busy period of the year. Thus we are keen to find interested new members, male and female and whatever age, without delay ! Page 2 CLUB BUSINESS NIGHT - 10th February Rutherford’s last meeting – 1. Our Reps forming the Club Bowling Group comprising Garry W, Barrie W, Mike B, Roger W attended the first night of the Summer Contest at Tahunanui Bowling Club, and found they were competing in a challenge involving at least 15 teams from all walks of life. Ie: builders, teachers, office types, Lions etc. They apparently had a great evening there. We will follow with interest ! 2. The Meeting approved Club spending $1300 plus gst towards the Centre of NZ “ Wifi project” being part financed,and organised also, by Bill Moulder - per the proposal presented by Bill last year. 3. The Club approved a Club donation of $200 to the Brook-Waimarama “ Save Our Babies” campaign. 4. World Polio Closure – Rotary Campaign donation – it was decided that the Club will run a Sergeant’s Session with minimum Fines of $5 per misdemeanour at the 24th Feb. meeting. The Club will give the proceeds with a make-up figure ex Club funds to say $250 towards that effort. ( we have 14 contributors active now ) 5. Hot Dog & Chips Food Caravan - Jim B & Jeff D are organising to attend the Brightwater Wine & Food Festival ( by Richmond Rotary ) on Sunday next 17th. Volunteers were arranged at meeting. 6. Food Caravan is also required at Clifton Terrace School for their fund-raising effort - same basis as we have done in their previous events. ( 7th March – and we will be actively seeking new members at this event - numbers of parents will be in evidence so we need our Brochures and info ready ! 7. The McKenzie Trust Grant Distribution: Ian C has done a mountain of work interviewing with the Budget Advisory Service and several nominated Suppliers of school uniforms, arranging credit accounts with these Suppliers in place of giving out cash as in prior years. Vouchers for the required clothing, sports gear etc have been issued to the Parents concerned, these can only be redeemed as per the detailed orders on those vouchers. There have been a few hassles just the same and Ian has been “dicked around” in a few cases, but by and large the system is an improve-ment on what took place last time. Thanks Ian, it is a messy task but we are distributing around $3700 of McKenzie Grant funds plus maybe a small makeup from our Club funds and care is needed here. Ian will be reporting soon on how it has all gone. 8. Rotary Student Speech Contest: Ian C. is also carrying this project and organising with the Nelson Girls College for chosen contestants. The first round is as notified below: ---- Dear Club President, from Convenor Theresa Shaughnessy , District 9970: “As the convenor of the District Speech Contest for this Rotary year I write to request your club’s support of this competition which has become one of the highlights of the Rotary year. The contest has been run annually since its inception in 1984-85 and is viewed by many clubs as a key link with the secondary schools with which they have an association. Assuming that you agree to support the contest can you please appoint a Rotarian within your club to act as coordinator for this year’s event. Attached to this email are a letter for your club co-ordinator and a package of information. It contains the relevant details pertaining to timing, topics, judging, prizes etc. The following is an outline of this year’s contest First round at Club level -Topic - Club’s Choice Round to be completed by 17 April Second round at Area level Topic- What would happen if young people ruled the world? - Round to be completed by 30 May Final round at District level Topic- My biggest concern for the future is... This will be held at 6pm on Monday 16 June 2014 at Burnside Bowling Club, 330 Avonhead Rd, Christchurch.” 9. Swedish Rotary Visitors - this will be around 4th -- 8th March, Russell will publish the more exact details of our involvement in the next Bulletin. There has been plenty to report in this issue on Club activities arising from the last meeting ! 10. Rotary Internat. Significant Achievement Awards -- by 15th March we are asked to go back to about 1998 and come up with what past Project of major importance we could report on and put in for. Well some of us are run off our feet as it is without a time limit for that sort of research, but Graham S and self as editor are to look into that issue. Also there’s a Rotary questionnaire out on Rotary Down Under but that’s generated from higher up, and I doubt we have had any Club exposure in that quarter for a long time. All the above matters were discussed at a rather long meeting last Monday ! ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Page 3 Thought for the Week: “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” ( Hebrews 11:1 ) ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. JANUARY 2014 -- YEAR OF THE WINTER OLYMPICS AT SOCHI Interested members may like to view on the big screen some recorded highlights of the Figure & Dance skating events at Sochi, if interested, perhaps one Monday night after a Rotary meeting -- contact Denis. EVENTS TO NOTE: SPEECH CONTEST – as detailed now on Page 2, some of us have had emails about this - Ian C is on the job with this event. SUMMER BOWLS invitation from Tahuna Bowling Club has been taken up by a small team from our Club as reported page 2. SWEDISH FRIENDSHIP NIGHT: Our three local Clubs are invited to THE YACHT CLUB to meet the 6 couples at an evening on 5h March. ( a Rotary West Wednesday night ) Russell Sampson has a committee working on this. ROTARY YOUTH EXCHANGE Welcome to 2014 from the Rotary Youth Exchange Committee. Update from the Rotary Youth Exchange Programme for January 2014. 1. Our 2013 outbounds students Jess, Brenna, Emma & Louise are just moments away from returning home - arriving January 9th - excitement everywhere. Ella is back already. 2. The three South American students are heading home: Nacho has already gone, Cami goes on the 15th and Ana on the 21st. You should know that these students have raised a lot of money towards the Shelter Box programme while they have been here in NZ. Page 4 3. The new three - Barbara (Chile), Luciana (Brazil) are with Nelson West, and Sofi (Argentina) is with Garden City. All arrive very soon. That will make five students in Christchurch, one in Greymouth and three in Nelson. Don't forget to use these students for your projects - they are for all clubs to 'borrow'. This will be the last exchange with Argentina. 4. North Island Tour - April 20-May 3 2014 - This year it is 9980's turn to organise and take our students. Unfortunately for us, they have decided to use NZET and my committee have opted out for a number of reasons. So that leaves us with providing the tour for the third year in a row. I have been talking with a few people who may be able to lead the tour, however if there is someone out there who would like a 13 day tour of the North Island at very little cost then let me know. No special licenses needed, preferably a couple, a few easy rules and an experience that you will talk about with pleasure for a long time. Let me know and I will discuss it with you. 5. Promotion and advertising for 2015 - you will be receiving the annual packs and we will be sending the school ones out soon as well. Please make contact with the schools under your care to help in the promotion of the programme. Applications close 30 April. We would like to be able to send 10-12 NZ students this year to even up the inbound and outbound ledger. We know of two or three who have said they will apply. Family friends, anyone - preferably those students about to start their year 13. Go away in 2014, then maybe back to University in 2015. 6. Want to host from July 2014? - Northern Hemisphere student - now is the time to start thinking about it. We have one from Japan that I am trying to get into Timaru ( as we have a lad going to Japan from there ) but may need an Ashburton club to help. Rangiora have one booked from Belgium. I would like to have two or three other clubs put their hands up soon so we don't leave it to the last minute again. Remember - we do all the training and provide all the support you need or want. 7. Looking well ahead, bookings for the Milford Track are open - dates to be confirmed but will most likely be 22-25 November. If you would like to join us let me know. I have a few spaces left. Cost varies but the track part (hut fees, boat fees, food, etc.) approx. $650. Other costs are your transport and extra nights' accommodation. Regards Murray BUTLER ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………… DISTRICT LETTER from Ken Booth: January Dear All, Happy New Year Just when you thought January would be a quiet month it all sets off with a hiss and a roar. 1. Search & Rescue Request. A flier is attached with details of assistance they are seeking for their AGM later this year. 2. Heart Institute. A flier is attached with details of some public talks and discussions. 3. Graffiti. Or rather – Graffiti Clean Up Day. A good community exercise – details attached. 4. Homestay. A student from Colombia is seeking a homestay with a Rotarian family – details attached. 5. Polio Plus. Another suggestion for a fund-raiser for the End Polio campaign is attached. 6. Tonga. Tonga has not sought specific help as yet over the damage from cyclone Ian. Rotary is standing by with ERKs in Nuku’alofa. News reports suggest financial donations are the most helpful. They can be made through RNZWCS, marked for Tonga Cyclone relief. Page 5 7. Convention. For any members going to the Convention in Sydney, a registration form is attached for the great Kiwi Breakfast to be held at the time. 8. RYE. An update from Murray Butler is attached. 9. ROMAC. A report from December is attached illustrating the wonderful work they do. 10. Email Address. Ron Boot, Secretary of Belfast-Kaiapoi Rotary has a new email address: By the time you have dealt with all that, it will be time for the next Friday mailing. See you next week. Cheers Ken Booth, District Administrator. This letter has been sent on to all Club members with the relevant attachments included. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

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