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bulletin 48

ROTARY CLUB OF RUTHERFORD, NELSON BULLETIN NO. 48- FOR MONDAY 2ND SEPTEMBER, 2013 ( 5 pages) 5:30pm Prince Albert Hotel Bar – MEAL in Dining Room 6pm, Speaker: Rex Morris Also hear Brook Robertson speak about the Under 23 Rowing event in Linz, Austria ……………………………………………………………………………………………………… LORD RUTHERFORD’s 142nd Birthday anniversary was 30th AUGUST last Friday A cause for a Rutherford Rotary Club celebration ? Social Committee silent ? Your Editor is stirring……………………………. APOLOGIES to : If no apology you will be charged the meal $15 now Secretary – Contact Barry: 03-545-1398 Editor - Denis 03 548-6827 BOARD OF 2013 -2014 President: Michael Norton Pres. Elect Bill Deaker Secretary: Barry Blommaart Board- Jeff Duncan, Mike Ballard, Jim Bishop Chair of Trust – Ian Catto PROGRAMME LOOKING AHEAD - 2nd SEPTEMBER Speaker: Rex Morris - also talk by Brook Robertson “Rowing in Austria” 9th SEPTEMBER Speaker: Ian Barker 16th SEPTEMBER -- to be advised 23rd SEPTEMBER Internal Annual meeting - presenting financial accounts and Trust Annual results etc. -- normal tea meeting, try and be there. 30 SEPTEMBER (Bill Deaker in Chair) Roger Wilson our Speaker of Pacific Discovery - Travel Asia -- some of Roger’s experiences (Roger has volunteered in Haiti ) Friday 27 Sept. Arthritis NZ Street Day Appeal -- Collector volunteers needed. Sat. 5th October Blood Pressure Campaign . NEW DATE for DUCK RACE - we are advised it is now on Sunday 20th OCTOBER ( we are looking to set up the food caravan at the finishing line, this could form the basis of generating a donation from us to St Johns from the sales ) DUTIES THIS MONDAY: Room Setup- Ian C Reception- Mike B. Grace- Garry W. Sergeant- Graham S Speakers Host- Barry B. Thanks-Russell S. Parting Thought- Jim B. -- MEMBERSHIP SUBS ARE NOW DUE- $110 FOR 6 MTHS ENDING DECEMBER -- Reminder--no accounts are sent out, the Bank details are below so you can pay on-line or direct at ASB Bank. We need to replenish the above outgoings, these are eating up our funds. Club ASB Account No. 123165 : 0354978-00 make sure your surname reference appear Page 2 For All Enquiries - Please Contact our Club Secretary Barry email phone 03-545-1398 Membership:Jeff D. @ Projects:Mike B. @ Club President 2013 : Mike N. President Elect 2013: Bill D Meetings Monday 5-30pm @ Prince Albert on Nile Street Nelson This Rotary Club was chartered on the 9th of October 1981 as the Rotary Club of Nelson Central and had its first meeting on the 13th of October 1981. Because of the similarity of name to the Rotary Club of Nelson, in 2001 the name changed. We are a team of committed people looking to add real value to the Nelson Community in which we live.We have established the annual Santa Parade , The Santa Parade Carnivale , Are involved in Rotary Youth Exchange , Support our Local School Nelson Girls College and many other activities and events. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ( Check out our associated pages . members should go to the reference given ) ROTARY WEB-SITE REFERENCE: This is new, there’s a place to click for all Clubs http://www. All our contact details are there etc NOTED: 1. We need one Rotary wife to act as Counsellor for when the Australian girl is here. ( Its availability in the short period if needed -- rather than being onerous ) 2. An idea for the bikeway project is “ could we make up a few bike-stands for siting on the bikeway, using our engineers & builders expertise - our contribution ( discuss ) 3. Ian advises we could have 3 girls interested in the Science School in Auckland. 4. This Monday’s Speaker is talking on Solar Energy, bring a friend to the meeting. 5. Bill Deaker is now our RYLA contact. SIGNS: At an Optometrist’s Office – “ If you don’t see what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place “ STOP PRESS: Secretary Barry has just received a message from Charles Tyrell, District Coordinator for the - Stroke Foundation Blood Pressure Campaign: AIMS - * To raise awareness about the relationship between high blood pressure and stroke. * To encourage people to check their blood pressure regularly, and to ‘know their numbers’. * To provide information about stroke and risk factors for stroke. * To offer free blood pressure check to the public. He is asking our club to be responsible for Stoke New World. Campaign date is Saturday 5 October. Total time commitment is four hours, from 10am to 2pm. On the day we require to have at least two people on hand at all times. Our part is to secure the site, manage the handouts and paper work on the day, and after the event return all paperwork to the Stoke Foundation. Page 3 Rotary Friendship Exchange (RFE) An exchange has been arranged between our district D9970 with Swedish district 2400 A group of up to 5-6 couples will be travelling to our district arriving in Christchurch on 25 February 2014. The initial plan is: 25 Feb: Arrive in Christchurch. Hosted in Christchurch 28 Feb: Travel to Hokitika via Trans Alpine. Hosted in Hokitika 3 March: Travel to Nelson by bus via Greymouth, Westport, Murchison. Hosted in Nelson 6 March: Travel to Havelock by Nelson Rotarians to meet Blenheim Rotarians. (Combined lunch in Havelock at the Slip Inn) Hosted in Blenheim 9 March: Travel to Ashburton via Rail to Christchurch and Rotarian transport to Ashburton. Hosted in Ashburton 12 March: Depart Christchurch The return visit by D9970 Rotarians will be August 1 – August 15. Hosting will be in 4 different areas of Sweden. Who wants to go on ths Exchange? Applications please. What help do we need from local rotarians while the group is in the Nelson area?  We need up to 6 hosts: Thanks to Barrie & Lesley Whyte, Barry & Jenny Blommaart, Dave & Marion McNicoll, Russell & Pam Sampson, for their offers. Further volunteers please... or do we look to another club to help ?  Transport to Havelock on 6 March.  Transport to various activities while the group is in Nelson. Activities while the group is in the Nelson area. Some possibilities are: WOW visit and lunch, then for those able or want to cycle, to cycle on the cycleway to Mapua, followed by an evening BBQ at 8 Iwa St. A day trip to Able Tasman National Park. Ferry from Kaiteriteri to ATNP. Walk to Awaroa Lodge for lunch, Ferry back to Kaiteriteri. Winery visits Hoglands Glass etc Any other suggestions please Thanks also to Graham Shirley for offering to guide the group from Hokitika to Nelson while they are travelling on the bus. All enquiries to me please. 540 3333, 0274528899, Thanks, Russell Page 4 FOR THE ACADEMICS AMONG US – No English dictionary has been able to adequately explain the difference between these two words. In a recently held linguistic competition held in London and attended by supposedly the best in the world, Samsundar Balgobin, a Guyanese man, was the clear winner with a standing ovation which lasted over 5 minutes. The final question was: How do you explain the difference between COMPLETE and FINISHED in a way that is easy to understand. Some people say there is NO difference between COMPLETE and FINISHED. Here is his astute answer :- When you marry the right woman, you are COMPLETE. When you marry the wrong woman,you are FINISHED, and when the right one catches you with the wrong one, you are COMPLETELY FINISHED!! He won a trip to travel the world in style and a case of 25 year old rum. Mike B. deep in conversation with Margaret Rickard --- Members meet John & Margaret VvV

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