Sunday, August 4, 2013

Bulletin 44

BULLETIN NO. 44 - FOR MONDAY 5TH AUGUST, 2013 Meet in the Prince Albert Bar at 5:30pm, no meal, beverages while we catch up on Club business. Finish by 6:45pm. ( No speaker this week ) -- Winter timetable August as set out below ………………………………………………………………………………………………………… President: Mike Norton Secretary: Barry Blommaart Treasurer-Editor: Denis Daly APOLOGIES: to Barrie W.! Secretary Contact: 03-545-1398 BOARD FOR 2013 -2014 & RESPONSIBILITIES President: Michael Norton Pres. Elect Bill Deaker ( assists Pres. re meetings & Jeff on Membership ) Secretary: Barry Blommaart Treasurer: Denis Daly ( also Bulletin Ed. ) Board: Jeff Duncan ( Membership, On To Sydney with Keith) Mike Ballard (Community Service Projects) Jim Bishop ( Foundation, assist Projects & Speakers) Keith R Sydney Convention Barrie W Welfare , apologies Ian C (convenor) assisted by Jim B & Garry W on Speakers PLEASE NOTE CHANGES MADE NOW FROM EARLIER PROGRAMME-- 5 AUGUST Club Business - short meeting - no meal : : : : : 12 AUGUST Full Meeting and Dinner - visit of DG John Rickard 19 AUGUST Short Club Business Meeting – no meal, beverages available 26 AUGUST Full Meeting and Dinner Speaker: Andrew Booth of Solar City, will be speaking about photo-voltaic cells etc and about Project Nuwei. 2nd SEPTEMBER Back to normal meetings - to be advised 30 SEPTEMBER President away –meetings in hands of Bill Deaker for the month. Friday 27 Sept. Arthritis NZ Street Day Appeal -- Collector volunteers needed. Sat. 5th October Blood Pressure Campaign THE WEEK BEFORE LAST: 22nd July “ NELSON CHAIRLIFT SOCIETY” The week above, our Speaker was Mike Watson. With the aid of a power-point projection, Mike took us through the background and history of the Gondola project and the considerable work done already towards getting Council agreements for taking the cycle track up to the Third Hut, and the first stage for planning and raising funds for the Gondola project. He gave us the detail of future- user- research that has been carried out in support of the economics of building a Gondola that will bring NZ local and overseas visitors, including cyclists, to the Nelson – Tasman region in the near future. Next is fundraising. ( E & OE -Ed. Has had to rely on distant memory 2 weeks back for the above.) Page 2 LAST WEEK: Tuesday 30th Six of our members attended the Stoke-Tahuna Club meeting at Ocean Lodge, and the meal was great. The visiting speaker was Donna Smith, Victim Support Co-ordinator, and her discussion was quite illuminating. The Unit operates on a “volunteer” roster, and Donna has a full-time job organising that roster ahead so that there are always people that can be called upon at short notice to assist people in trouble from all sorts of trauma. The task of making contact with the person in trauma, then going out counselling that person is often fraught with difficulty, and takes a special kind of volunteer counsellor to do this work. Of course the first major point of reference is initiated most frequently from the Police who are usually called in whatever situation it happens to be, whether that be from a motor accident, an incident such as assault, burglary, damage to someone’s property. Or it can arise from any kind of domestic incident, a fire, or natural disaster. The victims needing help arise in a myriad of situations. This is the kind of work we hear little of, until perhaps we become the person needing that help and guidance. THIS WEEK: You will all have seen from the Nelson Mail that our rower Brook Robertson was part of the Under 23 Rowing Four who made Gold at the World Champs in Linz Austria. Our Charitable Trust was able to assist Brook in getting to Linz as part of our NZ team. He returns to a busy life, attending one of 4 NZ Training Centres set up round the country. His Centre will be in Marlborough, where he shortly moves to seek work, that will allow him the times twice a day to go to those training sessions. Ian and Denis were on hand to greet him on arrival back at Nelson airport last Wednesday.

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