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Subject: Experiences at RYLA (leadership course)
Please, we would like a good attendance members to hear SAM this Mon. We may have visitors.
( We sent Sam on this course to Christchurch during January )
DUTIES: Room Setup Jim B Speaker’s Host Bill D Reception Mike B Vote of Thanks Jeff D Sergeant Keith R (Ian’s away) Grace Barry B Member’s Two Minutes Denis D Parting thought Keith R ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………
President: Mike Norton Secretary: Barry Blommaart Treasurer-Editor: Denis Daly
CURRENT CLUB INFORMATION Next Week -- 11th March Note: March is Literacy Month - in Rotary Our guest will be Graham Foulds, speaking about the Children of Sola Khumba Nepal Trust and Rotary’s participation in an international project there. He extends an invitation to Rotarians who would like to join him in his May visit to Nepal - cost is $4000 a head … enquiries to Ian Catto who has been corresponding with Graham. -- We will be joined by Stoke - Tahuna Club for that meeting.
+ 18
th and 25th March,
Meeting details to be advised, one of these to be "internal business + Conference will be at Methven 3-5 May 2013 at the Methven Resort – registrn cost with partner will be $370. Registration Form is now available for attendees to book now. + February -- was Heart Health month….. info tonight from member’s 2 minutes
+ April 8
-- District Speech Contest first round: Subject: "Outstanding NZ Women" + April 15
th ... BBQ at Founders Park, Mike Williams speaker , Station manager at 104.8 Fresh FM Radio. ( we need a member to loan a BBQ )
+Rotary Food Caravan –
Report from Barry B on the Cricket catering last week. +Subs of $110 can be paid to Rutherford account at the ASB see details below: … ASB Bank Nelson 123165 : 0354978 -00 -- Pay direct but identify your name ! It was great to see Mike W and Yvonne back at our last meeting, and we had a number of visitors, Helen Moulder, Tim from USA, Ray Bagnall, Peter & Julie Murray, Bill & Ann Moulder, Don Coltman. Hope that I have not left anyone out ! Attendance was 21 all up. See the notes about our Speaker, Stuart Moulder, as detailed on page 3. Outward Bound – This is a further J R McKenzie Youth Fund activity and we have a letter from The Rotary Club of Christchurch asking us to contact secondary schools in our area to see if any students between 16 and 18 years would like to attend an Outward bound course courtesy of the above Fund. Deadline for applications is Tuesday 19th March, late applications will not be considered. We are forwarding application forms to the Girls College in our area of responsibility. The Course is being held at Anakiwa between 7 & 27 July 2013 which is earlier than previous years to avoid conflict with end of year exams. The Christchurch Rotary Club is selecting two candidates from our district, plus two back-ups. They make the point that successful candidates will need to provide medical and other info to Outward Bound before they can be confirmed on the course. District Speech Contest 2013 – we are acting as our co-ordinators for this year’s event. The programme is outlined as: First Round - Topic of our Club’s choice – " Outstanding NZ Women " 8th April Second Round at Area Level-Topic " If I had My Own Planet" - to complete by 27th May Final Round at District Level – To be held 6pm Monday 17
th June at Burnside Bowling Club. 330 Avonhead Rd, Christchurch.
……The above needs our attention and Ian Catto is following up with Girls College ( Ian will report progress sometime in March after his contact has been made )

Stuart’s Address to last week’s meeting: 25th February:
This covered a number of topics related to "Life in the fast Lane", including details of Stuart’s current work in the field of energy management and advice. This work for his company EnVinta, takes Stuart all round the world. Stuart’s qualifications are in the area of chemical engineering and clearly he has a demanding occupation. He gave us some interesting personal advice and observations arising from his wide business travel experiences, some a bit overwhelming–
1. Don’t wear white pants if you are up in front of an audience or presenting to a Group.
2. Book your own hotel ( if you don’t want surprises )
3. Lesson on how to bluff your way in an interview situation.
4. Story on how bonuses can be awarded .. not quite how you might expect.
5. Don’t be afraid to ask that awkward question, it could save you some grief.
6. Research the layout of the airport you are departing from ( or arriving in ).
7. How to deal with the Europeans ( eurozone people ) - all about handling price hikes.
8. Info on Minneapolis -- getting around in snow conditions … no people evident in the streets, no wonder, they’re using tunnels and covered overpasses.
An absorbing, varied and highly interesting talk, thanks so much Stuart for giving of your time to our bunch of "older" rotarians and partners etc.
NOTES SUPPLIED PREVIOUS WEEK BY OUR SCIENCE STUDENT CAITLIN JORDAN ( of necessity abridged ) but you will find this interesting and informative: - January, 2013.
" I was one of 162 students selected from across NZ to attend the 2013 Rotary Science & Technology Forum - it was really a symposium, both a
gathering of minds and a wild party. How many other people my age are able to say that they have had dinner with distinguished Professor and Mathematician Gaven Martin, or seen world firsts such as a wireless heart pump in action, or touched a real human brain? During my 2 weeks I saw things I never thought I would, was inspired by countless academics, and made friends that I will have for life.
Tech visits were made to places such as to a company called Living Cell Technology. I was amazed by the strides they have made in their pursuit of a cure for diabetes, being the small business that they are. I plan to follow their progress in the following months, during which time their drug is planned to undergo its first human trial.
We were given lectures by some of the most distinguished and renowned professors NZ and Australia have to offer.Particularly I was captivated by Associate Prof. Donna Rose Addis, a cognitive neuroscientist ( or " Brain Detective" ) . Coming from a challenging background she has had to work hard her entire life for absolutely everything she has achieved.After telling us about her studies and the work she now does, she emphasized that the most successful people in life aren’t necessarily the smartest ones. Rather they are those who are determined, focussed, passionate, and above all else, hard working. I thought this was a valuable message and the dead silence in the lecture hall as she spoke said others did too.
I was given an insight into fields I had never even considered ( but found truly fascinating) such as Psychology and Biomedical Engineering …. combining the thinking of engineers and mathematicians to come up with solutions to the world’s medical problems……maybe coming up with an efficient and cost effective way for implants to be more readily customised for their recipients ! I found myself being pushed outside my comfort zone. The Forum was all about making the most of new experiences and taking advantage of all the opportunities presented to us - as some truly were "once- in-a-lifetime" chances. Whenever in doubt, I recited to myself this mark Twain quote, given to us by the stimulating business speaker David Ross: "
I was seldom able to see an opportunity until it ceased to be one". Those at the Forum became like a second family, it truly is a once in a lifetime experience that has bolstered and broadened my love of the sciences and technology." - Caitlin Jordan

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