Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Helathy Heroes

Rotary International District 9970

Healthy Heroes Committee

31 January 2013

To:                   President Mike

Copy To:        President Elect Mike

Subject:          Healthy Heroes 2013


The Healthy Heroes District Committee invites your club to consider sponsoring this programme in one or more schools this year.

The attached pamphlet provides an overview of Healthy Heroes. If you would like further information please let me know and I will send you our Information Sheet – Rotary Clubs. (Additional information can be found on the Healthy Heroes web site -

Healthy Heroes comes as a complete package which includes all printed material and rewards. A Rotary Club Pack and a School Pack, which have been funded by The Keith Laugesen Charitable Trust, are available at no cost.

Healthy Heroes enhancements 2013:
·         A Teacher Reference Group established to provide feedback on and suggest further developments for Healthy Heroes
·         A chart linking Healthy Heroes to the school curriculum
·         A Healthy Heroes Health & Physical Education Unit Plan.

We welcome your enquiry and interest.

On behalf of the committee

David Buist
District 9970 Healthy Heroes Committee

03 384 9213
027 2900 946

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