Sunday, February 17, 2013


5.30PM FOR 6:00PM START AT PRINCE ALBERT- RUTHERFORD MEETS SPEAKERS: Our local Students: Monica Nelson & Caitlin Jordan
Subject: " Experiences from the Rotary Science Fair"
DUTIES: Room Setup Graham S Speaker’s Host Ian C. Reception Barrie W Vote of Thanks Denis D. Sergeant Mike B Grace Jim B. Member’s Two Minutes Barry B Parting thought Bill D. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………
President: Mike Norton Secretary: Barry Blommaart Treasurer-Editor: Denis Daly
CURRENT ROTARY NEWS +25th Feb. -- Stuart Moulder, Bill’s son, ( from USA) will speak to us. +RYLA Course held in January at the Uni. of Canterbury.Sam Deaker will speak about his experience on 4th March. at our meeting. + On March 11th our guest will be Graham Foulds, speaking about the Children of Sola Khumba Nepal Trust and Rotary’s participation in an international project there. He extends an invitation to Rotarians who would like to join him in his May visit to Nepal - cost is $4000 a head … enquiries to Ian Catto who has been corresponding with Graham. We will be joined by Stoke Tahuna Club for that meeting. +
Conference will be at Methven 3-5 May 2013 at the Methven Resort – registrn cost with partner will be $370. Registration Form is now available for attendees to book now. + February is Heart Health month. ( for convenient medical advice click onto editor’s recently received e-mail which is forwarded for your consideration ………………..) +
Rotary Food Caravan Barry B has just e-mailed everyone details of the cricket bookings for Tues 26th February, with a roster of members available. Also those involved on Sunday 3rd March. Refer your notes and tell Barry B. if you also are now available either of those days. +Subs of $110 are again due for the 6 months to June and can be on-line banked as last time to ASB, or otherwise sent toTreasurer D.Daly at Box 102 Nelson… last date 24th March. FOR CLUB MEMBERS’ INFORMATION Outward Bound – This is a further J R McKenzie Youth Fund activity and we have a letter from The Rotary Club of Christchurch asking us to contact secondary schools in our area to see if any students between 16 and 18 years would like to attend an Outward bound course courtesy of the above Fund. Deadline for applications is Tuesday 19th March, late applications will not be considered. We are forwarding application forms to the Girls College in our area of responsibility. The Course is being held at Anakiwa between 7 & 27 July 2013 which is earlier than previous years to avoid conflict with end of year exams. The Christchurch Rotary Club is selecting two candidates from our district, plus two back-ups. They make the point that successful candidates will need to provide medical and other info to Outward Bound before they can be confirmed on the course. Conference Remits – Club remits to be discussed need to be in District Secretary’s hands by no later than 15th March. District Speech Contest 2013 – we are asked to support this by appointing a member to act as our co-ordinator for this year’s event. There is a package of info in Barry B’s hands (according to the Convenor’s advice) with all the relevant details pertaining to timing,topics, judging, prizes etc. The programme is outlined as: First Round - Topic Club’s choice – Round to be completed by 15th April ! Second Round at Area Level-Topic " If I had My Own Planet" - to complete by 27th May Final Round at District Level – To be held 6pm Monday 17
th June at Burnside Bowling Club. 330 Avonhead Rd, Christchurch.
……The above needs our attention this meeting for time consideration reasons !
The Last Meeting -
Our speaker was Lynda Keene, CEO of Nelson-Tasman Tourism, this was a very detailed and informative resume of what the Organisation is achieving. Lynda and her family have been involved in the operation of tourism ventures virtually all of her life, and she has come to Nelson Tasman Tourism as CEO to help drive this visitor-oriented entity to grow and maintain its market share of tourist-visitors.Australian visitors are the strongest by far when one looks at the International Visitor Survey. Asia is by far the global growth machine, with china, the world’s second biggest economy expecting outward bound travel to grow 17% pa over the next decade. Then there are the huge emerging markets of India and Indonesia.
Funding of NTT - $420,000 each from TDC and NCC
$840,000 to operate 4 I-sites and do destination marketing, destination
Management and tourism/product development.
The Private sector invests $2-3 million each year marketing the region.
You can look it all up on the web-site: ……….. Thank you

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