Thursday, November 8, 2012

Legislative changes for us to consider

To Club Presidents, Secretaries, Assistant Governors and District Advisory Council members;

In 2013, the Council on Legislation is scheduled to meet from 21-26 April in Chicago, Illinois, USA. In anticipation of this event, a list of all legislation to be proposed at the Council has been released. The enactments and resolutions (199 in all) to be considered were proposed by clubs, districts, the general council or conference of RIBI, and the RI Board.  The full legislation proposed and my highlighted ones are found at; 
·         A proposed enactment seeks to amend the RI constitutional documents. Constitutional documents include the RI Constitution, the RI Bylaws and the Standard Rotary Club Constitution.
·         A proposed resolution is any item that does not seek to amend these documents, but other RI policies and procedures.
As D9970 representative on the Council, my role will be to consider,, then vote on our district’s behalf, on a wide range of issues that will ultimately shape the future of Rotary and how it operates. At this stage I have perused the 149 enactments and 50 resolutions. My counterparts in the other 5 NZ districts will be doing the same.
To ensure I truly represent our district, I really would like your thoughts, and those of your club members, on the proposed enactments and resolutions. To give you an idea of the range of topics to be considered, I have selected a random handful;
13-11 to 29        to eliminate Club attendance reporting requirements
13-30                 to allow Clubs flexibility in structuring their weekly meetings
13-48                 to clarify duration and termination of members
13-56                 to provide for a Council of Governors (see also 155)         
13-57                 to revise the purpose of the district assembly
13-64 to 69        to add a fifth object of Rotary (Youth or Environment))
13-70                 to create a permanent annual theme for RI.
13-108 to 111    to revise the Boards authority to change District Boundaries
      13-119                to allow clubs not in the United States or Canada to decide if the                 Rotary magazine will be distributed as a print copy or through the Internet
      13-126 to 133     to reduce per-capita fees
13-137 to 153     to revise the Council on Legislation           
Some are no brainers while others need some thought.  For a full list of the legislation
            Any comments and indication on how I should vote will be greatly appreciated,                 Yours in service,   Rex                           
       Rex Morris.   District Representative for Council on Legislation                                                                                                  

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