Monday, November 12, 2012

Cash for Cans .... Nelson West Rotary

Hi presidents

Further to our discussion at the last Area Presidents meeting I was asked to email out to you some information about this project for 2 purposes;
-       some of you may have members that are able to beef up our numbers over the 3 days;
-       and some ( all?) of you may be interested in having an observer to see how it works so that we could make this an area wide Rotary project next Rotary year.

Nelson West has been running this project every December at Countdown ( previously Woolworths) supermarket on Halifax street for quite a few years now. We run it over 3 days, Friday to Sunday inclusive and all it involves is having 2 people standing outside the entrance with appropriate signage asking people on the way in to consider buying some non perishable food items for Foodbank to give us on the way out. The name “Cash for Cans” comes from the fact that we give them a 20 cent coin on the way in ( most people don’t take it) to remind them to buy a can or something similar. With the 20 cent coin now so small it seems a bit silly, but at this stage we are loath to change the brand name as it is so well known at least until we come up with a good replacement.

We have people on 1 hour shifts, 2 at a time, from at least 9am to 4pm, so 7 hours a day over 3 days = 42 people which is a big commitment for our club so we are very grateful for any assistance from other clubs such as Whakatu last year.

We obtain thousands of food items, plus quite a bit of cash ( from those that forget) which Foodbank uses to buy extra items. We also receive a heap of praise for Rotary generally from the public and the Leader and Nelson Mail usually insert a photo and promote it beforehand. The Foodbank staff pop down throughout the days to pick up the food items.

This year we are running it 14th to 16th of December inclusive. I will email you copies of our publicity information as soon as it is prepared by our public image team.

Can you let me know if you are able to provide some member assistance on the day and/or you want to learn more by sending over an observer.



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