Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Jeff Duncan
Mike Ballard
Mike Norton
Garry WARD    Convenor

The membership team met at lambrettas and after a coffeee or two and a catch up with an Honary member we got down to business.

The Team will report each week however it is important that all club members are engaged with regard to encouraging new prospects to join.


A list of prospective members is now with the convenor and his team will be making contact.

Members must be proactive with new prospects and you will be encouraged to introduce yourself and help the new member settle in.

A Motion proposing reduced subs for 6 months will be tabled to encourage participation.

Room Setup: Graham S Russell S Reception: Graham S Mike B
Sergeant: Jim B Barry B
Members 2 Minutes: Barry B ( Denis in Chch ) –substitute Ian C.
Speaker’s Host: Denis D Ian C
Vote of Thanks: Denis D Jeff D
Parting Thought: Jeff D Keith R
( If not able to be there please arrange a swap or replacement )
President: Mike Norton Secretary: Barry Blommaart Treasurer-Editor: Denis Daly -- -- LES MISERABLES -- -- LAST MONDAY NIGHT 1ST OCT. What a Show that was ! I have seen this show on two previous occasions, but this had to be the best yet. Great voices, clear diction and singing, the choruses were a magnificent presentation, the whole cast really shone in this. As for the backroom boys, they really put out terrific backdrops, and the lighting control was pretty well perfect. I liked the way they were able to highlight all the faces, particularly of all the little folk helping make up the cast on that night. Congratulations to Youth Theatre. HISTORY OF OUR CLUB -- IF YOU DID NOT READ LAST WEEK’S * Originally chartered as a breakfast club with 21 members.
* Reached membership of 45 back in the late 1980’s
* The early days saw us raising funds from the Hot Dog caravan
* Brought in the NZ Army Band, raised funds from the Concerts & a formal Ball.
* Special Cooking Demo by Alison Holst to raise funding for Polio Plus.
* Purchased the Bone Fixation Unit & Kidney stone frag. machine for Nelson Hospital.
* Ran the Home & Leisure Show – which became the big event in town and was a major
Fundraiser and earner for the Rotary Trust for a number of years.
* Purchased the X-ray Scanner with $14K proceeds of the first Home Show.
( Club received a Significant Achievement Award for this project )
* Began the annual city Santa Parade which continues now under new Trust we setup.
* Gazebo in the Queens Gardens, piledriving in the Pond and helicopter in the Gazebo.
* Donated $12,000 for the Commemorative Wakefield Quay Plaques in that upgrade.
We have supported RYLA, Student Speech Contests, Matched student Exchange, and actively have worked to run the RYPEN youth journey in previous years. On 11th Dec. 2001 the Board of RI approved our name change to The Rotary Club of Rutherford, Nelson EVENTS …….. coming up soon…….. PLEASE NOTE YOUR DIARIES October 23 # A Stoke-Tahunanui Club visit - Tuesday at the Ocean Lodge
Santa Shed : # Plumbing & electrical , creation of a "station stop" and labour will be needed – Graham Shirley & Mike Ballard in charge of this.
October 7
th CYCLE FESTIVAL see e-mail from Secretary Barry this week, we need you SUNDAY VOLUNTEERS for 12 NOON at the Cathedral Steps . Please add your name to those Barry has advised. Finishes about 4pm. So far its Ian C ,Jim B, Graham S.
Mike B, Garry W, Barry B, we need six more people …………………………………..
Thurs. 8
th & 22nd Nov. - Motueka - Carfit Clinic, 10
th November: Big Beach Cleanup CLUB BRIEFS: Barry B. has passed on via e-mail the advice letter this week from Murray Butler (Rotary District Youth Exchange) asking for help to fill the gaps in Club Hosts - he still has to find homes for a 17 years boy, and a 17 years girl on Rotary Exchange in 2013. Read the attachment sent with Murray’s letter - he has a tough job arranging all of this, so any volunteers even for part of the stay period is welcome.
Also there are a couple of places still available for Rotarians on the Rotary Youth Exchange 2012 tramp on Milford Track 7 November – you can contact:
Film : early October we will have a Club visit with partners to see the Film made in Nelson " The Kiwi Flyer " -- the story of the Collingwood Street Trolley Derby. That’s coming very soon, time is close in October, Ian Catto will be organising for those who are keen to see this. St John Medical Alarms Retrofit Project - Volunteers needed Due to a change to the Min. of Social Development’s code of conduct St John is required to fit a line release device on every active phone line in all MSD funded medical alarm customer homes. This line release device will ensure that in an emergency the Telecare product is given priority to communicate with the monitoring station, consequently improving the robustness of our medical alarm service. Telecare is looking for volunteers who can undertake this work between mid-October and mid-December: they have 267 clients from Hira to Wakefield who need to be visited . Full training will be given, each volunteer is allocated a retrofit Kit and a list of clients to make contact with - times can be arranged to suit volunteers ( Monday to Sunday) – each visit will take about half an hour, and mileage will be reimbursed. St Johns is asking if we as a club can help. --- President Mike needs to know what members can assist.
Contact is : Lynda Francis, Telecare and Home Health Field Team Leader –Medical Alarms
St John South Island … Mike Norton is our contact for this.
October 4th Thursday : Membership Committee is meeting at Lambrettas 10 am to discuss and the affected members will have had an e-mail reminder to see if they can be there. NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING - WILL BE ON 8TH OCTOBER 2012 Approval of Annual Accounts, both for the Club and Trust. Elect secretary & members’ trustee

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