Sunday, September 16, 2012


DUTIES: Room Setup: Jeff D. Keith R. Reception: Keith R.. Russell S.
Grace: Russell S. Graham S..
Sergeant: Graham S. Barrie W.
Members 2 Minutes: Barrie W. Mike B.
Speaker’s Host. Mike B. Jim B.
Vote of Thanks: . Jim B. Barry B..
Parting Thought: Barry B. Ian C.
( If not able to be there please arrange a swap or replacement )
Acting -
President: Mike Norton Secretary: Barry Blommaart Treasurer-Editor: Denis Daly
NOTE THERE ARE TWO PAGES THIS WEEK SPEAKER: Cathy Madigan -- Manager of " Uniquely Nelson " EVENTS …… coming up soon ( no changes advised from last week ) Please note your diaries on these - MON. 1st OCTOBER : " Les Miserables" musical at The School of Music. Tell your wife! …. Ian Catto needs to know Mon next 17
th who is joining the party from our Club for the night. Cost is $22 per person and the cash
is needed by Mon 24
th –cut-off day, the tickets must be then paid for. Mon 24 September: Club Meeting with District Governor: Gordon Hooper- not far off !
No Date yet: A Stoke-Tahunanui Club visit ??
Santa Shed work: Plumbing & electrical , creation of a "station stop" and labour will be
needed – Graham Shirley & Mike Ballard in charge of this. (later)
SUBS $110 FOR 6 MONTHS -- DEFINITELY NOW DUE Treasurer will accept now -- Subs are needed in by 30th September last date. (We have now paid the Levy Notices for both International Rotary Dues NZ$ 573-70
and District 9970 Dues of $1,104, so funds are needed in the Club for our programme.) LAST WEEK’S SPEAKER ……PIP DALLEY - from Nn.Girls College. Pip gave a talk and slide show all about her recent trip to the UK and Malta for the World Cross Country Championships for secondary school students. The competitors all had a great time, and it was surprising which countries were not represented Pip was encouraged by the assistance our Club gave her to help get her on her way to this exciting event. Pip scored very well in coming 26th out of a field of 60 odd runners. This was an opportunity not to be missed and we as a part of the Rotary Organisation like to see the funds we have raised in our Trust being used in this way to assist young people progressing in their chosen sports and talents. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
We also had
RENI GARGIULO speak to us about her new career and business, also about The School of Music coming events, in particular of the "DO OR DIE " interactive Show coming on Sat. 6th October , tickets $10 can be booked at The school of Music Office Ph. 03 548 9477. This event will showcase the comedic and musical talents of Herschel Herscher (host) and the singers Anna Rugis and Linn Lorkin – top professional vocal trio. Some may like to team up to go to this. THIS WEEK’S QUOTATIONS Two nudists were sitting in chairs on the clubhouse verandah discussing the state of the world in general. One said " have you read Marx" to which the other replied " yes, these cane chairs really are hell aren’t they ".
You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can make a fool of yourself any old time.
Many an after-dinner speaker who rises to the occasion, doesn’t know when to sit down.
CLUB BRIEFS: # Barry B. has passed on via e-mail the advice letter this week from Murray Butler (Rotary District Youth Exchange) asking for help to fill the gaps in Club Hosts - he still has to find homes for a 17 years boy, and a 17 years girl on Rotary Exchange in 2013. Read the attachment sent with Murray’s letter - he has a tough job arranging all of this, so any volunteers even for part of the stay period is welcome.
# Also there are a couple of places still available for Rotarians on the Rotary Youth Exchange 2012 tramp on Milford Track 24-27 November – you can contact:
# Reminder that around 27
th September there will be a general release in the cinemas around NZ of "The Kiwi Flyer" -- the story based on a boy preparing for the Collingwood St Trolley Derby whilst overcoming several obstacles . Most of the filming was done in Nelson with locals getting involved. The Club may like to make up a group booking to see this film

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