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Please help us to cure kids


Please help us to cure kids
We are the members of the Rotary Club of St Johns and we are taking part as the "Rotary Trackers" in this year's Accor Hotels $10 Queenstown Challenge to cure kids being held 3-6 October. Our challenge is to get from Auckland to Queenstown on just $10. Thirty five (35) Teams of two travel "Amazing Race" style, in fancy dress, competing in challenges and using their wit and ingenuity to outsmart and outrun the other teams.
To get across the Start Line we must raise a minimum of $7,000. To do that, we would really appreciate your support.
We need your help as fellow Rotarians:
Rotary New Zealand is the founding partner of Cure Kids, and has been with the charity ever since.
In that time, Cure Kids has invested more than $29million into child health research, with world-first breakthroughs in stillbirth, cot death, childhood leukaemia, genetic mutations and the heart condition Long QT Syndrome.
Approximately one child in 30 in New Zealand, roughly one in every classroom, lives with a genetic malformation or life-threatening illness, and Cure Kids research has the potential to saves lives in every community in the country, and a cure in New Zealand is a cure world-wide.
Your money will go direct to research. Cure Kids funds three Professorial Chairs of Child Health – in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch – and is currently fundraising the $4million needed for the capital campaign to fund a Fourth Professorial Chair, in
Accor Hotels $10 Queenstown Challenge to cure kids 2 Wellington. These positions are funded in perpetuity so not only our children, but our children’s grandchildren will have the best possible opportunity to benefit from pioneering medical treatments.
Research carried out last year showed that Cure Kids has strong brand awareness and this year Cure Kids’ focus is on building greater brand understanding.
In April, Cure Kids was named as the official charity of the NZRU and All Blacks. The NZRU and All Blacks have lent their support to Cure Kids’ flagship campaign, Red Nose Day to Cure Kids – which ran from 1 to 24 August – being the public faces of the marketing collateral, and an integral part of the TV3 comic marathon Red Nose Day Comedy for Cure Kids which aired on 24 August. They also promoted Cure Kids at the Bledisloe Cup match at Eden Park the following day.
We are putting the challenge out to all Rotary clubs in NZ to get behind our team and Cure Kids.
If every club donated a small amount, we would have raised enough money to get across the Start Line. It could be as simple as nominating one/two of your Sergeant-at-Arms sessions and putting the challenge out to your members. Your support will help us fundraise for Cure Kids and ultimately to help make a significant step forward in the search of cures for children living with life-threatening illnesses. We were inspired knowing Cure Kids-funded research has benefitted thousands of Kiwi kids and we wanted to share that and invite you to help us make a life-saving difference.
Sponsorship / Contribution Following are the ways in which you could help us: Accor Hotels $10 Queenstown Challenge to cure kids 3  
1. Nominate a Sergeant-at-Arms session to cure kids, ref: RotaryTrackers. Via Cheque or direct credit.
Credit Card - Sponsor our team (and encourage friends and family), online at: 3.
Direct Credit Funds directly to Cure kids with ref:"RotaryTrackers"  Cure Kids
 02-0192-0169141-00
 Ref: "RotaryTrackers"
4. Send a
Cheque to Cure Kids : Po Box 09097
Reference – "Rotary Trackers"
Rotary Club of St Johns, P O Box 87-175, Meadowbank, Auckland 1742
Benefits to you of contributing to this event/cause: In return, we could offer you the following: 1. Pride in knowing you are continuing to support the charity Rotary in New Zealand founded.
2. The knowledge that 100% of the money you donate will go directly to research.
3. The comfort of knowing that you are truly making a difference in the lives of Kiwi kids living with life-threatening illnesses.
4. Your Rotary Club name on our FundraiseOnline page (
5. Your Club name on our Rotary Trackers Facebook page (
All proceeds will be given to Cure Kids and 100% of the money raised will go directly to fund medical research in to life-threatening illnesses that affect children.
For more information on Cure Kids, please
1. See the attached Cure Kids brochure, or
2. Check out the website, or
3. Contact Rosemary at Cure Kids if you would like more information:
Rosemary Such, Fundraising & Events Manager P 09 370 0283 – M 027 410 0735 E Accor Hotels $10 Queenstown Challenge to cure kids 4 We very much look forward to discussing this proposal with you in the near future.
Yours sincerely,
Anil Nathoo and Alex McKenzie

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