Sunday, August 26, 2012

DDF to a Matching Grant

"Maroondah Mobility" - a project of the Rotary Club of Ringwood. District submission, 2 August 2012 V1 Page 1 Contacts: Roger Daniel or Barry Moncur
To;Club Presidents
All D9970 Rotary Clubs
Opportunity toCommitYour Club’s DDF to a Matching Grant
You are all aware that D9970 has raised $280,000 though The Rotary Foundation Matching Grant process for recovery projects associated with the Christchurch earthquakes.
The significant aspect of Matching Grants is a large percentage of the DDF share is provided by International Rotary Districts. For the Grant for the Mobile Library Van Project, a District North of Melbourne, Australia was a major contributor PLUS that District also mobilized 11 other Australian Districts to join them for a total DDF of US$60,000. This was a magnificent and generous contribution.
That Melbourne District has now asked us if we would contribute DDF to support a Matching Grant for a project being initiated by the Rotary Club of Ringwood. This is a very worthy community project and involves purchase of a Mobility Van which will be operated in community through sustainable support by local businesses. Attached is a description of the project and information about the Rotary Club of Ringwood.
Personally, I am a strong believer that partnerships are two way. Australian Districts have come to Christchurch’s assistance at our time of need. It is therefore appropriate that we support them in return to successfully apply for a Matching Grant.
I therefore commend this project to you for consideration for commitment of DDF which is allocated to your club under the warehousing scheme. This provides an opportunity to commit DDF to a meaningful project to which your Rotarians can identify.
(I have been authorized by District Foundation Director, PDG David Drake to circularize this request as a worthy project for support using DDFs)
I would welcome early advise that your club is willing to support this project by committing part or all your Club’s allocated DDF.
Yours in Rotary
Lindsay Lindsay Crossen
EQRS Project
Rotary D
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