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BULLETIN NO. 8 - A REPEAT FOR MON. 3RD SEPT. 2012 5:30PM FOR 6 PM START MONDAY : FERN LODGE AT PRINCE ALBERT HOTEL Mike Norton is standing in for Pres. Mike Watson who has taken temporary leave of absence.
rd SEPT. DUTIES: Room Setup and . Bill D. Reception: Bill D.
Grace: . Jeff D.
Sergeant: Mike B.
Members 2 Minutes: Keith R.
Speaker’s Host: Russell S.
Vote of Thanks: . Graham S.
Parting Thought: Barrie W.
NOTE: deck chairs have been shuffled for 3rd SEPTEMBER, People known to be away Mon- day Include Garry W, Denis D, Mike W ( note changes from last week – Mike N. is in the Chair) ( If not able to be there please arrange a swap or replacement )
SPEAKER: JODI AKER of Nelson, will speak to us about her work with children in Cambodia. EVENTS …… coming up soon ( Please note your diaries on these -) * In September - Social Event with wives & partners….to be announced.
* Applicants from Nelson Girls College - for Science Society Forum in Auckland
Our Trustees will have to consider these. We also need assistance with volunteers
as interviewers. Please tell Barry B or Mike Watson if you can help.
* Mon 24 September: Club Meeting with District Governor: Gordon Hooper
* Wakatu Club Project: Club to assist with boardwalks - Richmond to Mapua.
Treasurer will accept any time from now -- say needed in by 30
th September last date. JOSEPH THOMAS GUEST SPEAKER —27
TH AUGUST -- " THE LEE DAM" Joseph presented with charts on screen, a summary of the work that has been going on for some 9 years on a proposal for a multi-function, community-owned dam providing much-needed water for irrigation, urban supply and with benefits environmentally, recreationally as well as with hydro electricity potential.
The feasibility studies are complete and design is now under way, dam site confirmed and a range of costs identified. Land ownership / access is being progressed and now a governance and ownership model is being developed. The difficulties of financing are to be sorted and a modelling/funding proposal has been put out through Councils LTP.
The proposed scheme is for a concrete faced rockfill dam with size about 13.4 million cu. metres. Lake size 65.9 ha, dam height 52m. Est. cost to build is $38.1million plus other costs $3.5m. Construction time will be 2 years. The environmental benefits –
Run of River water distribution system-no pipes, minimum flows in downstream river will be increased, Instream river habitat is predicted to improve for most fish species, and predicted increase (about 25%) in number of trout in lower Waimea River.
Issues are that the Waimea Plains is acutely water short with rationing in 7 of the last 10 years, and with diverse land use and limited high value land. Doing nothing is not an option!
--Russell presented a Rotary Pen and thanks from those present for the info so well presented about investigations on the proposal for the Lee Valley Community Dam.
SOCIAL EVENTS -- SUGGESTIONS FROM YOUR COMMITTEE 1. Tuesday September 18th is the date of the red carpet premier for "KIWI FLYER" at the Theatre Royal, the story of a boy preparing for the Collingwood St Trolley Derby while overcoming several obstacles. Most of the filming was done in Nelson with local businesses, schools, getting involved. Includes 30 local actors alongside a cast of actors from around NZ and Australia. Ian C. suggests we should make up a group to go to this. 2. 26
th Sept –7th Oct - Les Miserables presented by Nelson Youth Theatre Tickets are from $20 - $30 . we could do a group booking to this if we can get enough members and partners to join in. THIS IS BY WAY OF ADVANCE NOTICE < SO TALK AT HOME ABOUT THE ABOVE.
Cheers, Editor

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