Wednesday, April 11, 2012

social media

Communication. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter gives clubs and members an even better way to communicate with each other about what is happening in the club. Using social media gives wives, husbands, partners and other family members an opportunity to read what is happening within the club also what future events may be coming up. All too often we hear how the electronic bulletins are deleted before anyone else has the opportunity to read them. Like it or not, the future of communication is
changing and accepting social media as a way of communicating is something all clubs need to consider especially if we are to attract younger members.
There is an old saying “Look after your customer, because if you do not, someone else will”. In Rotary we need to look after all our members because if we do not look after them they will leave. All Club Presidents, need to make sure that all club members feel included in the club and looked after. If we educate, inform and show members that we care, this will slow down and eventually stop the exit via the back door.

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