Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rutherford Speakers Protocol.

“Oh no, we haven’t got the data projector”. How often have these eight words been spoken at a Rotary Meeting? Thankfully, it is becoming less now that many Rotary Clubs have their own laptops and data projectors or venues who provide this equipment.
One of the secrets to making your meeting work is to ensure your Guest Speaker is treated not only as a Guest, but as a Keynote Speaker would be at a major function.
Success is based on communication, with these tips working perfectly:
1/.Confirm your invitation in writing,
2/.Advise what equipment you have readily available and request advice on what the speaker needs,
3/.Invite them to send their presentation to you in advance for loading onto a computer prior to the meeting,
4/. Request a copy of your Speakers introductory bio prior to the meeting and provide this to the Chair to ensure a “suitable introduction”,
5/.Provide both the Chairs contact details and your contact arrangements,
6/.Ask if they have any dietary or other requirements,
7/. Send a reminder email / telephone call to your speaker two or three days before to check that all is in order,
8/.Advise them re parking at the venue; aim to reserve a car park and arrange to meet them on arrival,
9/.Chair to be at the meeting early to welcome your Guest Speaker.
10/.Have a name badge ready for your Guest and ensure the Greeting team knows not to ask them to pay, but to welcome them and introduce immediately to the Chair for the meeting,
11/.Promote the Guest Speaker in your lead up Club Newsletter,
12/.President to advise members of the Guest Speaker for next meeting; a great tip,
13/.Consider who is the most appropriate Chair for the meeting; who has a link to the topic or speaker,
14/. Have a suitable gift for the Speaker; have you considered a Framed Certificate with a donation to The Rotary Foundation or something personal for the speaker,
15/.Seek written approval of the speaker to take their photograph and use content of their presentation on your club website and club newsletter,
16/. Forward a copy of your Club Newsletter which features the Guest Speaker as a final thank you.
It is a pleasure to be met on arrival in the car park, proceed to the meeting venue and see your presentation opener already showing on the screen and a reserved space at the table awaiting you and a special friend or key contact allocated next to you.
These steps will certainly ensure your club can respond positively to your Guest Speaker’s request for a Data Projector.

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