Saturday, October 15, 2011

Radio Advertising

Special Radio Advertising Campaign

A national radio campaign is underway, to be played on the ZB Network, Classic Hits, Coast, Radio Sports and others in the radio network organisation.

They will be played Nationwide starting on Monday 17th at 6.58 am, then other times during the day, and repeated on Tuesday 18 and Wednesday 19. They will also be played during ‘drive time’ (16.00 to 19.00), and bonus ads through the 24 hrs x 3 days.

They will be promoting Rotary in General, similar to the TV ads earlier this year, with an emphasis on joining Rotary.
Over the three days, the Rotary ads will be aired 68 times - each 30 seconds in length – with some of the ads on Radio Sport and other stations.

A second group of ads (71 in total) will be on air from Monday Nov 7 through to Wednesday Nov 9.

To enhance the effectiveness of these ads, we are making you aware of the timings so you can be prepared for feedback from the public.

Some Clubs may wish to place ads in their local newspapers to run in tandem with this Radio promotion and if they do, it might be advisable for them to put their contact number with the advert.

Rob Crabtree hopes that the 0800 calls will increase during these times.
All calls they receive on the 0800 will be passed on via email or phone to the appropriate PR Chair, or Club President, to ensure we capitalise on the advertising investment.

We encourage everyone to take advantage of this great promotional opportunity

My kind regards

Alan Davies
ROZCOM Chairman

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