Sunday, August 28, 2011

Speaker – Kirsten Rodrique Corrections Dept

Info for Monday night.
Speaker – Kirsten Rodrique , Corrections Dept
Duties – Reception Jim B
Grace Ian C
Sergeant Don C
Members Talk Denis D
Speakers Host Bill D
Vote of Thanks Jeff D
Parting Thought Mike N

Board meeting to follow at 7.30pm

Mon 5 Sept Hugo Wijtmans,
Mon 12 Sept Night at The Suter
Mon 19 Sept Club Assembly (Financial accounts)
Tue 6 Sept Long Lunch
Sat 24 Sept Living Legends Great Muck In
Thur 3 Nov Area Meeting RI Director Stuart Heal

Welcome back to Brain Samuels as an Honorary Member

Several attachments for your info. This is only some received by
President and Secretary.

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