Saturday, August 20, 2011

Club Update -Monday 22 Aug – Matched Student Exchange Students

It is the intent that members use the blog for communications
regarding meetings. This will include the functions of a bulletin
although it is not expected to include such a comprehensive report
as to the meeting speaker as has been the norm with Glenn M.
It is intended to include meeting duties,and programmed activities
etc. Meeting apologies should be notified to Barrie W before noon
on Mondays.

The duties list is: Room set up
Members Talk
Speakers Host
Vote of Thanks
Parting Thought
In establishing an order for members duties it is suggested that we
start at the top of the list and just go in order ie. 1st on list has room set
up for 1st week then grace for 2nd week and so on. If a member is not
present then the next week rostered person take that duty.

Programme at present is:
Monday 22 Aug – Matched Student Exchange Students
Monday 29 Aug – Representative from Corrections Dept
Monday 29 Aug – Board Meeting
Monday 5 Sept - Hugo Wijtmans,
Monday 12 Sept – Night at The Suter

Trust this is all OK. Don’t hesitate to contact me if any problems.

Barry B

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