Sunday, May 1, 2011

Graham and Joy Shirley in Vietnam

Graham and Joy Shirley had an experience of a life time going to Joy’s nephew’s wedding who was getting married to a Vietnamese national in Saigon.
“Surprise” but things are done differently over there. Language difficulties beset them where ever they went from taxi drivers to the service and what ever. However Graham knows a fish when he sees a fish so they got by in the restaurants. They just had to keep their eyes out for food that was not their thing. No one really cared if you did not eat what was on offer. The wedding parties sounded as confused as their streets with the Bride and Groom not actually knowing many of the guests. Of course the Shirleys had to make good use of their time there and fitted in New Years Eve parties, explorations of the Viet Kong tunnels from the American War days through to visits to the Mekong Delta and the world heritage area of Ha Long bay.
Hanoi is an experience of its own.
A must do visit for a professional embalmer was to the tomb of Ho Chi Minh. His embalmed body is available for all to see. Apparently experts from Russia assisted with the process. Not having natural cold would have been a special challenge for them but the old fellow is still there to see. Not that you can not show respect other wise the military police will provide instruction.
So alas as with all good things they eventually had to return to their colder home and these days content themselves looking through the windows of Brian Samuel’s shop windows at the Vietnamese working diligently away on ladies finger nails.

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