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D9970 Earthquake Recovery Support Project

Attendees at Clubs EQ Meeting on 12 March
All Assistant Governors (for distribution to Clubs in their cluster)
DG & District Board Members
Chair – Rotary Chch Earthquake Fund

Welcome to this first circulation outlining activities of the Earthquake Recovery Support Project (EQRSP) which was an outcome of the Meeting of Clubs held on 12th March 2011 at Harewood.

Front Line Rotary Clubs
DG Margaret Reeve has identified the Rotary Clubs of Ferrymead, Linwood Woolston, Christchurch North and Lyttleton as “front line clubs” where community damage is significant and members and families have suffered considerable personal and business damage.
There is also a considerable area of east Christchurch which has not got any Rotary Club coverage.
AG’s are working with these Clubs to:
• Ensure Rotarians are getting necessary personnel support
• Assist Clubs to address their capability to continue and sustain and assess any help needed to do this
• Get Clubs to be the eyes and ears in their community networks to capture community needs aligned with traditional Rotary Support, (ie. Schools, Kindergartens, aged people, charities, youth groups, sports clubs, etc)
• Advise on support that can be facilitated by the EQRSP

Register for “Offers of Assistance”
An “offers of register” has been set up by District Administrator Ken Booth, to record the considerable number and variety of “offers of assistance” that are coming in from around the District, other New Zealand Rotary Clubs and from internationally. Whilst funds are being channelled to the Rotary Christchurch Earthquake Fund, offers in kind and some clubs wanting to target their money direct to projects are being listed on the Register for assignment to needy projects. You are invited to present your Clubs for “offer of assistance” to this register.

Rotary Christchurch Earthquake Fund
This Fund has steadily grown and is managed by a DG appointed committee chaired by Rev John Elvidge. There are Application Forms available for any project to seek funding support (ask your AG or the Dist Administrator).

EQRSP Initiatives
Working closely with AGs, clubs clusters and individual clubs, the EQRSP aspires to;
a) Ensure Front Line Clubs are well supported by facilitating resources and funding needs to sustain the Clubs, support their normal programs and assist with EQ recovery initiatives they identify for their community. We will do this by matching Christchurch and New Zealand Clubs who have offered resources and funding.
b) In the eastern suburbs of Christchurch, where Rotary does not have a presence and there is extensive community damage, EQRSP is looking to:
• Align with other service organisations and existing community groups to assist their initiative
• Involve Christchurch area Clubs to cover territorial areas of East Christchurch
• Adopt schools, kindergartens, youth and aged groups who may need assistance
• Extend current Rotary programs into the area
c) Support project initiatives to obtain funding or to align with offers of resources and funding from outside Christchurch (as per the “offers of assistance” register).
d) Network with NGO’s and other service organisations to ensure a better coordinated approach (note – there is not strong networking at present and a lot of independent activity is apparent). Rotary has had a strong alignment with Salvation Army for the February event recovery.
e) Support community groups who have formed because of the EQ to help themselves through community spirit – give them a hand up!
f) Ensure current Rotary Programmes are continued and extra effort is targeted at damaged communities (ie. McKensie Family Trust, Outward Bound, RYLA, Dictionaries, Boyle Trust Programs, Community Awards, etc.)
g) Seek to obtain funding and other support from The Rotary Foundation and other Rotary Districts in NZ.

Assistance Available through Stuart Batty
Stuart Batty has access to the following things: The offers are open to Rotarians and or persons recommended through Rotary.
• Bulk storage for stock and plant etc. – Papanui and Sydenham
• Furniture, desks chairs etc.
• Mobile homes, caravans
• Respite holidays in Canberra for families incl. airfares accommodation
• Respite holidays in New Zealand – accommodation (some travel assistance)
• Employment, skilled, unskilled in horticulture – Pukekohe
All inquiries to: PDG Stuart J Batty

Thinking of Others
All Rotary Clubs have annual programs which support many Charities and causes. Since September we have had a series of Disasters in Christchurch, West Coast, Queensland and Japan, all of which have attracted worthy support. The Charities and causes we have supported all still remain and possibly have lost some revenue. Their needs continue and we advocate to Clubs and Rotarians that continuing support be suitably prioritized.
The February 22nd earthquake smashed east Christchurch but we must remember that areas of Kaiapoi, Brooklands, Spencerville and Halswell are still recovering from heavy damage in the September earthquake. Please direct you assistance to those communities through the Rotary Clubs that cover those areas.

What Do You Need To Do ?
We encourage all Rotary Clubs in the District to become actively involved in earthquake recovery support. Suggested initiatives are;
• Set up a Special Project Group to lead you club’s involvement in EQ recovery support.
• Appoint a Rotarian to be the point liaison with the EQRSP
• If you are a Christchurch area Club, are you prepared to adopt an eastern suburbs community area or align with a “front line club” and work with them.
• Consider what “offers of assistance” or funding your club can provide
• Through your Rotarian’s networks and associations, develop support initiatives for affected communities and groups (aged, youth, etc). Do you know of existing community groups/organizations whom Rotary can assist.
• Actively work with your AG and Zone Cluster to provide effective long term recovery projects.


Types of Projects Support Structure Available Resources

Direct assistance from
Clubs to their Communities

in their Community

Matched Clubs
both locally and NZ wide
to support front line Club

Initiated by the National Disaster Relief Forum
(and its successor)

Assistant Governors
and Clusters of Clubs

Funding from the
Chch Earthquake Fund

Targeted Projects
District Project Support
• Project Management
• Public Relations / Comms
• Sourcing Funds
• Networking (local/NZ)
Support & $$ from
NZ Rotary Districts,
Rotary Int’ll and
The Rotary Foundation

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