Saturday, April 2, 2011

Club Assembly 28th March

At the last minute we had a club assembly and Mike N presided.
We talked about the caravan. It came out of its hidey hole with almost everything working. The sun shunned and the wheels whirled and the people all lined up to taste the delights. Of course it is never that simple. The cooker blew a gasket and just at the peak of the day they ran out of chips. So someone went and cashed in their money for more chips. But goodness they still sold all the chips and hot dogs. In spite of the head room being designed for the landlord and his merry dwarfs it was a wonderful day out. Well done everyone. See, if we try enough times we are bound to succeed eventually.
Since we are now so good at cooking dogs the subject moved to membership. Come on fellows rally round. Find some nice people that will enjoy our company out and we will be off to another great day in the sun.
Denis talked about a few grants that our trust has made. One grant went to the Iron Duke for sails, to a blind group for talking books, and to Comfrey Saunders. Then of course we chipped in $5000 for the earthquake so it is business as usual and not that bad a business at all.
Actually the talk kept up and Denis mentioned he liked the lunch out with the Hardy club. We could do the same especially if we drank a box of wine like they did. Ian tells me he is still negotiating the red tape that the share brokers keep throwing at us. The scribe shamefully threw the towel in. The task was too hard and insufficient rewards to justify the high stress levels trying to fill in endless forms. This clearly is a clever ploy by the Government to protect innocent share investors who are still in full employment and can not be bothered with the rubbish they throw at us.
Ps. Sorry to hear both Peter and Roger have been unwell.

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