Sunday, March 27, 2011


Nigel Muir the Chief executive of Sport Tasman spoke last week. Goodness what an amazing personality and such a gifted leader that Sport Tasman has. Sport is like a torch for young people. It turns their lights on and illuminates the path ahead for them.
The idea is to get more people more active.
In the sports world people will no longer commit to long term membership. They want to turn up and do their activity then disappear.
In the past schools were big on organizing sports but these days this is waning. The cause of this is mostly related to teachers not being into sports like they used to be. The feminization of teachers in schools is also having some “strange and queer” outcomes. (who said that?)
Today lots of kids do not even know how to run correctly.
They even have to teach 13 year old kids how to even catch a ball.
There are some disturbing trends in society. Some of these trends are creeping up on us and they are very sad.
Obesity is a rapidly growing trend and this is leading to lots more incidence of diabetes and other medical ailments.
Diabetes of course leads to blindness and loss of limbs.
New Zealand is number 1 in the world for youth suicide with an over representation of males compared with females.
Sport can give young people a moment of glory that gives them pride in themselves.
One third of our primary schools have sport as a low priority.
Nelson has one of the best sport facilities in New Zealand with Saxton Field being largely responsible for the cutting edge of comparative facilities.
Sport Tasman wants to make more people more active more often.
Mike thinks they impact on about 50% of the population and they aim to increase this.

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