Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nick Smith MP Nelson State of The Nation 2010

Last week we joined in with our friends at the Rotary Club of Nelson West at Founders to hear our local MP Nick Smith give his 16th “state of the nation” speech to Rotary.
The theme this year for Nick Smith’s address was
“11 Good Reasons to be Optimistic in 2011”
1. Rugby world cup in 2011
2. Global business confidence on the rise
3. N.Z. business confidence on rise
4. High global commodity prices
5. Nelson is N.Z’s most export-orientated region.
6. N.Z’s unemployment compares well internationally
7. Nelson’s unemployment compares well nationally
8. Opportunities for Aquaculture
9. Green Growth Opportunities
10. Infrastructure investment
11. Best weather (Nelson)

Last year was bad.
Our overseas debt is right up there with the bad countries like Portugal and Greece.
This has been caused by high spending.
Our Govt debt is however looking good compared with other countries.
We need to improve our savings and investments.
Kiwi saver is a good place we should be channeling our savings through.
They have a new term called mixed ownership for SOE’s.
SOE’s are not held to the same standards as listed companies.

The Editor did wince when Nick chanted the mantra that all politicians and government priests intone daily.
“We, along with the rest of the world, have been investing too much of our resources into housing.” The very next day the news media was reporting that the minister of housing is worried that we are not building enough new houses.
However this is the third year of our election term and it was great to not be diverted by blaming our “problems” on the actions of someone else. I think back to earlier speeches and remember the promise to reduce regulation.
Now what were those other promises? Did they deliver?
Does anyone really care?
Don’t we have lots to be thankful for living in a democracy where we can chat to our local MP, chuckle over his jokes and feel good when he can remember your name?

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