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7 October 2010

District 9970 Peer Support Committee

To all District 9970 Club Presidents, Secretaries, Chairs of Club New Generations Committees

The Peer Support Programme in New Zealand is a very successful youth programme introduced into New Zealand by Rotary in 1985. Since then, many secondary schools throughout New Zealand have been offering the peer support programme.

The programme trains senior high school students as leaders and then uses these student leaders to run a programme with students entering high school for the first time, usually Year 9, to help them settle into school, build their self-confidence and enable them to deal with issues such as bullying.

Many thousands of young people have taken part in the programme. The programme also trains teachers to lead the programme in their schools. In District 9970 we offer a two-day training programme in November each year for teachers. This year’s training workshop will be held at the College of Education, University of Canterbury on Monday and Tuesday 22 and 23 November.

A key part of the programme is the student manual and the teacher manual which the Peer Support Trust has prepared. These manuals retail for $12.50 each and provide the main source of income for the Trust. The Trust comprises Rotary representatives from each Rotary district in New Zealand who are appointed by the District Governors.

The Peer Support Trust has a new web site which can provide you with more information about the programme. You can visit it at

I invite your club to consider how it might support this programme. As a district committee we can do the following to help your club:

• Provide a speaker for your club to talk about the Peer Support Programme and provide examples of how the programme operates

• Facilitate a link between your club and your local school if you haven’t established one

• Provide the resources such as the manuals that you might like to consider donating to your local school. For example, providing student manuals for each of the senior students training as peer support leaders might cost your club in the vicinity of $750 (if there are 60 students). Attached is an order form that you can use to order these manuals.

If you are interested in following up on these suggestions please contact me at or phone 027 410 3325 or 03 313 4971.

Yours in Rotary

Peter Allen
District 9970 Peer Support Committee convenor

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