Sunday, October 10, 2010

NZ Red Cross Fraser Benson

Fraser Benson from the Red Cross came and laid it on the line about what they are up to. Now for me I have always known that Red Cross is big time around the world and they have been out there for a long time. Hearing Frazer tell us about what happens locally made me realise that Red Cross is also world famous in Nelson New Zealand.

Did you know the following?
Locally they have a team that responds to emergencies.
They also do meals on wheels.

One thing they are doing is providing breakfasts for kids at school.

In NZ they deliver 750000 mid day meals everyday.

They drove 7800 people to critical hospital and medical appointments last year.

213000 get breakfasts in NZ these are targeted to decile 1 schools only.

They bring relief like blankets and toiletries to natural disaster centres like the Christchurch earthquake event.
They provide an international tracing service for families that have been spit up by war and natural disasters.

They help with refugees in NZ assisting with gardens, transport to English language classes and school uniforms.
Around the country they run second hand clothing shops.

They help people overseas also such as Pakistan.
It is active in 186 countries and has over 100 million volunteers.

Locally they are heavily involved with first aid training.
Volunteers are the heart of Red Cross.

So yes they are big in organisation and big in heart. What a privilege it was to learn a little bit about this organisation which is larger than life Internationally and locally.

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