Tuesday, October 12, 2010


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For your info. I anticipate that any personal contribution under this proposal is not tax
deductible as can be done through RNZWCS.

Barry B
You will be aware that all clubs have received a communication direct from Evanston advising that contributions to the Polio Challenge in excess of US$100, and made on line between October 18th and 24th, will attract double PHF recognition points. Just a couple of points about this program:
Contributions will only be accepted from individuals. Clubs and districts do not qualify.
These on-line contributions will not attract tax deductibility for people outside the USA. It is possible that it can be used as a means of reducing any taxable income a person may have in the USA but advice on that score should be sought from a qualified tax accountant.
The only way a tax deduction can be obtained (Australia and New Zealand) is to make the contribution through your normal channels within your own country. However, when managed in this fashion, the contribution will only attract one point per dollar.
If a Rotarian makes a contribution on line to gain the double points, the contribution will be recorded against his or her name and will count towards the club’s contribution to the Polio Challenge.

I have attached a copy of the FAQ sheet dealing with this program and you may wish to circulate it to your clubs.



Manager, The Rotary Foundation - South Pacific & Philippines Office

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