Monday, September 6, 2010

Sharon McGuire President Nelson Rotary

Sharon McGuire a rotary Colleague and the President of Rotary Club of Nelson which meets at the Boatshed came to give us a pep talk about getting our act together.

Well not quite like that but it was some other fancy name called “The club vision facilitation process”. The story is we need a vision. I am not sure if looking in a mirror will do it but the process takes four hours and involves everyone.
Sorry folks but I sort of lost track of what Sharon was saying when she mentioned successful businesses do this sort of thing. A great wave of warm guilt flooded through my veins for non conformity. So my business might not be considered successful. But then profitably and successfully doing what others fail at is not the point. I thought about all the great people we have in our club and the mighty things we have done together. Let’s just go and do it.

Meanwhile after the meeting a keen group of can do Rotarians got stuck in whilst a pesky photographer got in their way. Who on earth said a picture says …

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  1. Greeting from Rotary Club of Nakatsu Heisei located in Nakatsu city in Japan.
    Best of luck President Sharyn McGuire.