Sunday, September 5, 2010

Jim Bishop Reflects on the YMCA

Our very own Jim Bishop on YMCA in Hong Kong and Nelson.
Nelson Y has recently celebrated their 150th anniversary. They have been here a long time.
The Y was started in Nelson with bible classes and reading rooms. However they really got on their bike after the First World War.
In Jim’s early days they had a stadium in Bridge St, Richmond, and Stoke. However Jim had the dubious honour of signing the document to pull down the Bridge Street stadium. This was ironic considering that his Dad helped build it.
Then it was off for a once in a lifetime experience attending a world Y council in Hong Kong. Being one of 1130 delegates representing millions of members around the world is something. Naturally the gathering was multi ethnic with just about every colour of attendees. Jim held his breath whilst getting up close to Palestinian and Israeli delegates joining in together. Despite calling it the Y the C is still very much alive with the daily worship service being memorable. Jim attended a session on organic farms. The organic produce is worth four times the price paid for regular stuff. However the garden they visited was tiny with land being in extreme short supply in Hong Kong.
The Y is expanding to O in some countries providing programs for old people like Taichi in Hong Kong.
Jim wishes he had attended such a convention 30 years ago so he might have been able to return something more to the community. Perhaps he will be lucky enough to attend the next one in Sweden scheduled for 2014.

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