Thursday, September 16, 2010

GINA LYON World day for the Prevention of Child Abuse

Gina Lyon talked on World day for the prevention of child abuse. Gina has had a long and varied experience with children and their care under difficult conditions. She has held such interesting skilful jobs as a children’s advocate. Child abuse takes many forms from that highlighted in the media to psychological and it can even start in the womb caused by the chemicals that an abused pregnant woman releases into the foetus. The feelings that these poor souls experience are fear, being alone, and powerlessness. They are confused and life doesn’t make sense. Guilt is another nasty feeling. Gina showed us two brain scans which were scary to look at, showing the damage / lack of development that abuse can cause. How children cope under these beastly conditions is a science of its own. They exhibit everything from bullying to self mutilation and running away.
The age of children doing these things is getting younger. Horrors what does that tell you.
Often children under these conditions do not take part in active activities.
We all have a responsibility for the safety of our children in our society not just officials like the police, doctors and so forth. Just being out there in our community and taking an interest in our neighbours and community is vital.
Clearly there is much for all of us to think about in what Gina said.

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