Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Trevor Voyce MiGym Nelson

Trevor Voyce from “My Gym” located above Postie Plus shop in town (hint hint) breezed in to share with us his outrageous adventure race in China.
It was all a rush from go to whoa his being a last minute entry. Just getting passports and China Visas on time within no time at all was a massive test in stamina and faith. With but two hours to spare the vital papers arrived and they were on their way for an adventure not to be forgotten.

Apart from the ridiculously challenging course much of the guide information was in Chinese.
But hey this was all part of the challenge to go where no sane man has gone before. China is a big place and everything there is big from the opening ceremony which had 10000 people attend, to the massive mountains and gorges any normal person would have stopped to enjoy. Their little team of four seemed almost insignificant amongst the masses, but it did not go unnoticed by the local enthusiastic village children who cheered them onto ever great effort.

They raced in an amazing part of china through caves, over cliffs, across ravines, along raging rivers, and down village paths not often frequented by foreign devils.
Climbing along ropes across 1000m deep ravines was very challenging.
The organizers were cruel with poor water and no toilet facilities which was a just as much a challenge as the natural ones. Participating along the gruelling back blocks was an assault on the senses.

One day one of the kayaks deflated and they just had to double up with three in one and the fourth member in the half deflated kayak.

Climbing up bamboo poles up a cliff face was scary beyond thoughts.

Despite the unlikely odds they did their little town of Nelson proud coming in mid field.
Perhaps with a little bit of additional training on pulling rickshaws, climbing bamboo ladders and studying the Chinese script they might move nearer the front of the pack if they survive that long to participate.

Well done Trevor you deserve a chocolate for making it there and back with a smile on your face.

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