Saturday, August 28, 2010

Margaret Reeve the new District Governor came visiting.

Margaret Reeve the new District Governor came visiting.
This is an annual thing and we are lucky to be almost first in the torturous round of visits the organisation inflict on DG’s.
So what’s up out there in the big world of Rotary International? Well Rotary is the best known brand in the market place. However we still need to be visible in the community. Locally we are aware what needs to be changed and which of our traditions that we might like to change a little bit.
Rotary believes we can do anything by working together.
Places like Pakistan are in great need.
Probably, for us however, we need to look at the Pacific Islands. We should look to help local people deal with their conflicts.
Just in case you have not been getting close to the shaving mirror recently did you know that the average age of members in our clubs is 60+.
Last year our District had 97 new members but by the end of the year we had a net gain of 4. Clearly retention is a major problem for all clubs. The District is holding a membership growth seminar this year. Roger’s input to that is appreciated by all. We have to think hard about what is holding our club back.
We need to laugh, add to world understanding, and make the world a better place to live and work in.

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