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Group Study Exchange Summary

Group Study Exchange Summary

Building communities Bridging Continents

· A unique “4 District Group Study Exchange” has been arranged between two Rotary Districts in Iowa, USA, (Districts 6000 & 5970) and two New Zealand Rotary Districts (Districts 9970 – our district, & 9910 – Whangarei/north).

· Because RI is on a new funding time line for the GSE programme, the two Iowa Districts and the two New Zealand Districts have agreed to work closely to make the most out of the GSE experience over this two year period (2011 – 2012).

· It has been agreed that each district will manage and conduct their own GSE programme.

· The arrangement in New Zealand will be at the direction and determination of the two New Zealand District Governors, DG Margaret Reeve and DG Maxine Neighbour.

· Our District9970 and Iowa 5970 are the first of the exchanges to occur and have agreed upon these dates:

- 9970 outbound to 5970 April 18, 2011 to May 18, 2011

- 5970 inbound to 9970 April 27, 2012 to June 1, 2012

I do not have the dates for the exchange between the other NZ District 9910 and Iowa 6000 yet.

· All four visiting teams will have the added advantage of travelling to and experiencing the neighbouring district, in addition to the host district. The programme will be at the discretion of the host district.

· The GSE Committee of District 9970 will meet in early August to plan for the outbound team’s selection, orientation and departure on 18 April 2011. Requests for nominations from the District Rotary Clubs will be called for in late August/early September and the selection of Team Leader and Team members will take place prior to Christmas. This should allow ample time for team building and preparation, and for District 5970 (and to a lesser extent District 6000) to prepare a comprehensive programme.

· Prior to this meeting, I will meet with DG Margaret Reeve to discuss her expectations and any arrangements she has already made with Iowa.

· Because the inbound team from Iowa District 5970 does not travel to New Zealand until April 2012, there is little the GSE District Committee can formally undertake until late 2011. At this time, we will need to work closely and communicate well with 9910 District Committee to ensure a excellent GSE programme is arranged.

Elizabeth Chesterman

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