Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Last week we were thrilled to hear the effervesce Emma Mc Cashin from that big place on Main Road Stoke.
How could anyone not be a fan of their wonderful products when the owners are so nice .
Emma recounted the obstacles that big competitors and stuffy old civil servants have thrown down in front of them over the years. I can imagine the delightful excuses the chief issuers of brewing licences would have made when Emma asked for one of their forms to fill in. They could not find the pigeon hole they had carefully stored the forms in. Emma made it all sound easy. Giants like her family must have a wonderful vision to so gracefully step over rather than on the buffoons we store in places of authority in New Zealand. Did you hear the tally ho call she let rip as her talk came to a close. She invited us to visit the factory and sample the products some time.
With a flourish she displayed her latest liquid delights leaving a wonderful sample or two and glided out the door with many a tearful eye from the old geezers at the back wondering if it could all be true.
Ian our intrepid traveller breezed in again with tales tall and true of wonderful make up clubs and expensive days out hob nobbing it with the rich and famous. PS Club 17 meet coming up.

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