Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mike McMellon MEMA

Mike McMellon talked to us about the article he wrote for his firm Pitt and Moore on MEMA. Mike as we know when he is not working as a Partner is a rugby fanatic and player

MEMA is short for Major Events Management Act 2007.
Basically what it is all about is there can be no free lunches. With four billion people likely to be watching the games the advertising potential is mind boggling. Sponsors pay big and that oils the whole thing. So those big spenders expect to have the action to them selves. The law has been drawn up protect those rights. Sneaky people will always try to get something for nothing. So during the RWC games in Nelson there will be some special laws in place to stop the free loaders. The sort of things they get up to are Ambush marketing by association, and Ambush marketing by intrusion.
So planes flying over head promoting their product will be a no no as will a bunch of dudes all dressed to make a killing on some product. There will be a special exclusion zone around the event as well as a corridor along the primary transit routes to the venue.

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