Thursday, July 8, 2010

CTV Rotary Documentary Timetable

> Hi all
> Below are the screening dates for the remainder of the Rotary
> Documentary series on CTV which can be viewed at 7.30pm each Saturday
> and replays again the following Monday at 1pm.
> Keith De Dulin hosts this in-depth look at Rotary in our region and
> internationally, the main aim of which is to make people more aware of
> the great work Rotary does in their communities and for them to really
> consider becoming a member.
> Week1: (Screened last Saturday 3 July) History of Rotary in Canterbury
> and internationally
> Week2: (Sat 10 July) Rotarians 'Up close and Personal'
> This looks into the lives of fellow Rotarians from within
> Canterbury...everyday people who do extraordinary things within our
> community!
> Week3: (17 July) Charity's that have received help and support from
> Rotary.
> In this segment we hear from various community charitable
> organisations about the great work and ongoing support that Rotarians
> have generously given throughout the years.
> Week4: (24 July) International
> Stuart Batty talks about the Emergency Relief Kits and the Polio Plus
> programme. Arnold Kelly talks about the severity of the devastation in
> Haiti and how Rotary has been able to assist with the Shelter box
> project.
> Week5: (31 July) Community Projects
> Looks at projects that Rotary do locally to raise funds that help
> support our local community!)
> Week6: (7 August)Our Youth
> Focuses on two of the biggest Rotary Youth Programmes in New Zealand,
> RYLA and RYDA that better prepare our future leaders and give our
> young drivers the skills to make good decisions when out on the roads.
> Week7: (14 August) Rotary Clubs
> Four of Canterbury's local clubs are featured with interviews and
> insights into how Rotary works and what's really involved.
> Week8: (21 August) Overview of Rotary
> This episode is and overview of all the wonderful work Rotary does
> locally, Nationally and of course around the world. It revisits some
> familiar faces and initiatives that makes Rotary the wonderful
> organisation that it is!
> Remember that if you can't access it on CTV it can be viewed on
> YouTube
> I would like to pay a huge tribute to Reanna Smith the producer and
> her team at CTV who have really 'gone the extra mile' for us to
> produce this excellent documentary which is a first in our District
> and possibly New Zealand.
> A big thank you also to the Keith De Dulin, the clubs and Rotarians
> who were willing to take part in the making of this documentary series!
> I hope you enjoy watching it and I welcome your feedback, good or bad!
> Yours in Rotary
> Keith Walker
> PR Director
> District 9970

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