Thursday, July 29, 2010

Christopher Vine

The last speaker we had was Christopher Vine who was on his second or third visit to our club, he presented a fascinating insight of his recent tour of Iran with a tour party led by a person (Harry Quillan?) that had previously lived and worked in that country which got him to places you would not normally get to see.
The Iranians are Caucasian and not Arabs as most of us probably thought. He found them to be very friendly and interesting.
Christopher being an architect and author of several books on historic buildings was particularly impressed with the architecture, he said he went into sensory overload with the sight and sounds around him.
The three things he wanted to take home from Iran were, 1, lots of photos, which he got, at least 200 of doors alone. 2, a silk Persian carpet which he brought along and displayed, with 120 knots to the square inch, it cost almost as much as the rest of the trip, and 3, an old Persian Blue tile, this third item proved a bit of a problem to find, as there were no antique or second hand shops to be found, until one day he accidentally stumbled backwards into a demolition site, and found 600 lying around.
He only pinched one.
A few members expressed an interest in visiting Iran after the talk, it was somewhere they hadn’t thought about before.

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