Friday, July 9, 2010

Abigale Stangl

Abigale Stangl came and shared her passion with us. Rotary Foundation selected her to represent the United States and Colorado as an Ambassadorial Scholar of Goodwill (2009−10). She is studying Landscape Architecture at Lincoln University.

Abigale swops banners with Pres Jeff
Well without a doubt Abigale is full of interesting ideas and is soaking up the world like a huge sponge. She says she was chosen for her ambassadorial role because she asks so many questions. Her specialization is about how people interrelate to their environment.
She has worked on the land and on the fishing industry so she has a diverse background despite only being 27 years old.
She started early asking why so many of the streams in her State ran orange with high metallic content. In her profession the idea is to not only try and mitigate the damaged streams but create a meaningful recreational resource that people can even learn from. She is not much of a city girl and has worked in Alaska and also New Orleans before the BP oil spill. She has done work in trailer cities with very poor people.
In Paonia Colorado she worked on a program that helped the locals.
In NZ she is studying how we create an environmental situation that is beautiful and meaningful. So naturally she gravitated to our black spot at Mapua chemical factory clean up site. Surely we can all lean lots from a clever young lady like Abigale. We need to ask more questions and do less telling others how to clean up their mess.

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