Monday, May 10, 2010

Denis Creed St Johns District Chairman

Dennis Creed The local chairman for St Johns came and shared with us something of what this wonderful organisation is all about. They are in good heart having recently celebrated their 125th birthday in New Zealand.
St Johns has a culture of wanting to help people.
They run most of the countries ambulance services.
They attend to a mind numbing number of people and travel a monstrous distance in their ambulances. In Nelson they are also involved with the rescue helicopter. 111 feeds massive numbers of calls to them. If you dial 111 hang onto the phone after you have been answered. Nationally they receive 1.1 million calls per year.
The other way ambulances are called are by life link bracelets that elderly people wear.
An innovative scheme is a “community first” response team. Okiwi Bay has one where they have a vehicle that is equipped to respond to local emergencies.

The event teams go to special events that are dangerous like motor racing.
These are good for profile advertising as well.
The specialized courses they run are well worth going to, with the CPR course taking two hours. Another interesting course is for “Caring Caller” members. These unsung heroes call their charge once a day to keep in touch and show that someone cares.
The recipient does not know the full name of the caller.
In 18 hospitals around the country they have a service called “caring friends” They provide support to people who are waiting at the hospital for their loved ones.
St John youth is a massive organization. This is a growing group compared with scouts and guides. The idea is their members become self reliant and useful to the community.The Government funds the operational branches but they do not fund the capital items.
Community groups are totally self funding relying on community support.
Your family could become a supporter. This costs $40 per year or a single member support is $30 per year. Why not give them a call today on (03) 5469445.

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