Friday, May 28, 2010

CPR Training this Monday

Sorry folks.
I have suffered from yet another nasty IT problem this week.
After several days of steep leaning by our IT experts they have managed to migrate my old Vista over to Windows 7. In the process they managed to not only lose the contacts for some days but stopped me from using this computer.
So I have lost time and so forth.
But I have now at 9 pm on Friday managed to quickly re create the group of email addresses that I need to send you this message in bulk.
Alas no time nor energy to create a bulletin at this late stage.

So the idea is to let you know that this Monday we have C.P.R. instruction by Carl.
President Barrie thinks it would be a good idea for you to bring your partners along with you because guess who will be close by you when it is needed for you.
Of course it will be handy for you to have the knowledge also to save your loved one should the need arise.
Back in my old Post Office days we used to have compulsory CPR lessons every six months.
How many years is it since you have brushed up on any skills that you might have had.
So if you have extras coming please reply to this email to contact Barrie or give him a call.

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