Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pat's Members Talk

Pat’s members talk.
What he has been doing for the last 12 months.
It took them 6 months to move over to Picton.
Then he had to finish the fences despite having no money they seem to have had plenty of fun. He has done a bit of truck driving like the old days. Getting time to do plenty of flying to keep his hand in and his certification alive has been wonderful.
In December they went off to Hokitika for the Hoki to Haast airline celebration. Meeting up with old fellow town councillors was a buzz.
The weather at Hokitika stopped them getting through to Haast. “Surprise” this was just like the old days. Nothing seems to have changed on that front at least.
He also visited the Stockton mine display tour. For just ten dollars, that goes to the rescue helicopter fund, they had a very memorable tour. Solid energy subsidized the trip. The bulldozers on the job cost $27000 a day to operate. Getting up close to the 120t trucks was an experience to not forget.

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