Tuesday, March 9, 2010

young totara award

Young Totara Award

What will our community be like in 2050 or in 2070? Talking of these dates seems like gazing into a crystal ball, but youngsters who are 15 now will by then be leading the country, driving business, and working for Rotary. There are plenty of young people showing the potential to be these leaders of the future and they are in your community now! Why not check out the youngsters in your local schools. clubs, scouts, guides, youth groups, life saving clubs, sports clubs and community organisations and identify one who is a great role model for others. You can then present them with a Young Totara Award.

Since 1992 our district records show that dozens of young people have received this award. Yet there are a number of clubs who have never made such a presentation and it is such a pity not to participate in such an easy project. Just make your commitment to make an award and send for the information pack. You then choose your awardee, send me $60 and some information and I do the rest. You get a framed certificate and lapel pin to present to the awardee on some significant occasion, and there is also a copy of the certificate for the awardee’s CV. Some clubs also present a young totara tree to be planted where the awardee wishes or in some place designated by the club. The award ceremony can be a useful publicity opportunity for the club and the awardee.

So what could be easier? And how satisfying to recognise that there are plenty of young people contributing to their community in a positive way. But so far in this Rotary year, only five young people have been nominated for this award. I can’t believe that there are only five worthy young people in our community. Thank you to the clubs who have made these five awards, but it would be great to see more involved.

So let’s get going and make sure we help our young people get a good press!

For more information, see page 82 of your District Directory or contact me.
Pat Edward
36 Belleview Tce
Christchurch 8081
Ph: 03 384 3475
Email: patnpat@clear.net.nz (please note this new address – don’t use the old one in the Directory)

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