Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rotary Youth Exchange Promotion Assistance Required

Rotary Youth Exchange Promotion Assistance Required

This week, you all should have received advertising material to assist in the promotion of the programme.

These copies are for you to distribute to your club members, to put in areas where young people will see them.

Youth Groups, Subway, Movie theatre, etc

Also, there will be a number of Rotarians who may have children, or know of children that are of the correct age range. 15 ½ to 18 on Jan 1st 2011. The ‘norm’ is to complete level 3 NCEA, have the Youth Exchange year, then return to university.

Please assist us also, by talking to your schools. They should all have the material as well. Help us to help promote the programme.

Some Myths:

By promoting the programme, does not mean you have to Sponsor a student.

There is no automatic requirement to Sponsor if you Host & v.v.

Rotary Youth Exchange Host Clubs Required

In July, we have four students arriving, and I am negotiating with maybe a fifth if I can get host clubs.

Currently, we have two clubs that have confirmed hosting from July.

Please give this serious consideration.

If we can come and talk to you and discuss the programme and what a difference you will make, please let us know. We welcome the opportunity.

Some good bits:

You make a REAL and MEASURABLE difference to these students – they go on to much bigger things than they would have without the programme.

It is an International Project for your Club

You gets all the help you want through the year with your student.

We train you to get you on the right track

Please, please, please

Action this now – we can not wait....




Rotary District D9970

Youth Exchange Chairman

120 Kawai Street

Nelson 7010

New Zealand

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