Thursday, March 4, 2010

Marketing Tip: Facebook?

Marketing Tip: Facebook?
Post your projects Post your events Post your news
With 100 million users who can potentially access your club’s profile, Facebook can be a useful tool for networking and marketing your Club.
If you're club isn’t on Facebook, here's how it works… you set up a profile page with details about your club meetings, projects etc and then invite other members of Facebook to join your club’s group so they can be kept up to date with what your club is doing. You can share news and events, display photos, or team up on projects with other clubs all through your club’s Facebook Group.
Many not-for-profit orgnisations already have Facebook accounts and are reaping the benefits for their organisation and their cause. One reason why Facebook is so popular is because it's very easy to use. Updating your club’s profile – adding articles or photos, takes just minutes. Most importantly when you update your club’s profile by adding something new to your page, all members of your group will receive aaddition, whether it be a photo, a newsletter or a new club project.
A quick search of Facebook reveals that District 9800’s Rotary Clubs of Collingwood, Flemington and Glen Eira are already taking advantage of the networking that Facebook offers. As are District 9800’s Vocational Service team, RYLA9800 Alumni and Rotary Youth Exchange. Even the upcoming Rotary District 9800 Conference in Launceston is listed as an event on Facebook.
Create a Group for your Club
There are a growing number of service organisations joining Facebook to spread their word. Creating a group for your club will allow you to access potential members. Remember it is not just members of your club who can join your group on Facebook, it is also your other club contacts, whether they be family, friends, or students your club may have supported through the Youth Exchange or Group Study Exchange Programs.
With the fastest growing users of Facebook being those aged 25 years and older, it is an ideal opportunity to market Rotary and your clubs to potential younger members.
Be aware, when creating a group, that there are two kinds of groups on Facebook - open and closed. Be sure to create open groups so that people can find it and your members can invite others to join.
Promote your Club’s…
Meetings Your Club’s weekly meetings can be advertised on Facebook, with any changes to them sent immediately to members of your group.
Newsletters Facebook allows you to promote your Club’s newsletter. Put up links to your newsletter or articles you’ve written, you can also put links to any articles that have been written about you or members of your Club.
Projects If your Club has a project that needs more exposure, why not promote it on your Club’s Facebook page? Remember all of your group’s members will receive notification of a new posting on your page.
Events Your Club can promote its events on Facebook. Facebook allows you to promote full details of your upcoming events, includings times and location and it has the ability to record RSVPs. For example the District 9800 Conference is being promoted at
Facebook is a great marketing tool, by encouraging members to join your Facebook group you are enabling your Club to reach a huge audience. Facebook is a great way to share your club’s goals and achievements with the world and highlights to potential members the good that Rotary does both locally and internationally.
A great website to help you start a profile for your Club can be found at:

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