Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lindsay Duff - wine conniseur


Members talk: Jeff filled us in on his recent trip to PETS where he attended in Christchurch with Roger and Mike N. He got some very good training and heaps of good ideas so he is ready to charge us all up when he gets the reins in June/July.
He is involved in doing a report on all the projects that the Club has done since it was founded in 1981.
Communication is an area that the District knows needs improving on in Rotary.

Speakers talk: Our former club member Lindsay Duff spoke to us about his passion, wine. In 1977 Lindsay came back to NZ after spending time in Hong Kong as a Police Inspector. He was also a member of the NZ XXX for 13 years. Now he works within the field of his passion, importing and selling wine for himself and other companies.

There is a huge surge in NZ wine sales in Australia which are up 42%. The leading and growing customers are women in Aus. Sales to them have doubled in two years. Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Gris are the popular ones at present.
Nelson is the 8th largest producing region in NZ. Otago is the southernmost wine producer in the Southern Hemisphere due to its micro climate where fantastic Pinot Noir is produced. NZ produces 0.2% of the world’s wine which is a 100% increase over 10 years. Exports are up 24% to $992 million, Sauvignon Blanc is up 37%, this wine only hit the scene here in 1980. Chardonnay is slipping off the radar and Riesling is also down and is under rated in NZ. Pinot Gris is the flavour of the moment with big demand. Pinot Noir is no good out of Auckland or Hawkes Bay but grows well in other cooler areas especially Otago. It is our leading red grape. This grape is also being extensively used for sparkling wines. Syrah (Shiraz) produced in Hawkes Bay is also rating well in NZ beating many former highly rated Aussie Shiraz wines.
There is a huge over supply of Sauvignon Blanc at present and there are some good buys especially at supermarkets who are now NZ’s largest sellers. Australia is drying out and in the future may be unable to produce wine because of the H2O shortage. Rose is another popular wine too, it is a light red style.

We had a good question and answer session with Lindsay.

Parting Thought: A Ray original.

Recycling is all very well but people can tell how much wine you have been drinking!

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