Thursday, March 11, 2010

Glenn is off to Nepal

As a last minute ring in Glenn detailed preparations for trekking in Nepal.
Like lots of us, he has always been too busy, too poor, or not motivated enough to do something like a trip to the Himalayas.
Now that all these things are in alignment his body has taken a bit of waking up to be prepared. So after repeated rapid ascents of the many peaks and tracks around Nelson his body is as ready as it can ever be.
Then the search was on for the right trekking company to go with. Apparently there are over 1000 firms offering to guide people in Nepal. Which one do you choose? Not slow, not too fast, not too expensive, not too long. So at last a firm was chosen but one needs to get the right gear. For many years Glenn has occasionally tramped and skied in the mountains but alas much of his old gear has either shrunk whilst sitting in the cupboard for decades or the kids have made off with the best stuff.
In the past you just purchased a bush shirt, parker, woolly jumper, pulled on a good pair of boots and off you went. These days everyone has to have thermal this and super material that. Goodness knows what the correct thing to do is. When asking for things like a bush shirt at the sports shops the assistants looked as if you were from another planet. This is the wrong season they would say. Like hello it is always cold on top of a mountain regardless of the season.
So a small fortune was spent getting the gear together. Some came direct from the manufactures, some off Trade Me and surprise a few treasured items from the past were found right at the back of the cupboard. At no stage did I ever see any shop selling over mitts but they were on the recommended items to take.
Then being a compulsive communications addict he just had to have all the best of phones and other gadgets. So he has solar powered torch and phone charger, two mobile phones to access two different networks, and multiple back ups for the camera batteries.
Just lucky for him the poor little Nepalese porter / guide will have to both carry his big pack and guide him to the warm huts at night.
So it is all on for tomorrow. See you all next month.

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