Sunday, February 21, 2010

22nd February

To Night: John Dearing who is speaking as a retired Policeman from both the UK & Auckland.
Next week: Ella Thompson and Fleur Schouten.
Following week: TBA

Our mystery speaker last week was our very own Russell who had recently returned from Santa’s Grotto in the UK where they assemble Rotary Shelter boxes.

Clearly the founder instigators of the SB’s and their club are driven with a wonderful vision.
Seeing what has happened and how they have been used not only in Haiti but all sorts of other miserable places in the world it is easy to catch the vision. What I could not figure out was how come they managed to erect them in such nice orderly straight lines in those massive camps.
Russell let us into a dark secret about the box contents. Most would have thought that all boxes were equal and contained the same contents. Apparently some poor people do not take to them with as much enthusiasm as the smiling pictures would have us believe.
Sleeping bags are a big no no in some places because they are the same colour and look the same as the USA produced body bags. Some areas do not take to single only style bags and some do not like the zips. Vive la difference is all I can think.
With all the enthusiasm that Russell’s hi tech presentation stirred up this comment was made.
“What more could our club do to raise more funds to send more boxes to the outer reaches of the empire.”

Ian gave us another run down on how many mice, stoats and other unfortunate vermin he and his fellow hit men have dispatched in the great killing fields of Stoke.
At last they have invented the ultimate killing machine. Our trust has funded the purchase of a self setting trap that will efficiently euthanize a poor unsuspecting stoat then reset itself twelve more times to repeat the process. All the vigilantes need to do is come and count the pile of corpses each week and wind it up again.
The down side of such wonderful traps is they are too valuable to be left out in the wild where light fingered two legged carnivores roam.
The answer is to only use such machines on private land where the public are not supposed to roam. Little do they know that occasionally even that trap-line gets visited by keen trampers looking for a change of scenery and a steep challenge to train on. Of course the down side of all this amazing work is there has been an outrageous population explosion of rabbits and cats. Maybe the answer is to release some rabbit and cat eating predators into the wild.

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