Sunday, February 28, 2010

22nd Feb Meeting

John Dearing a retired policeman entertained us last week with insights into his world gone by.

From the laconic way that John described his career in the CIB of the police one could almost be forgiven thinking it was all fun.
He started off walking the beat in Queen Street Auckland, progressed to a short spell on the police launch which had its moments then ended up in CIB. Time was spent in the sex crime department then it was off to the drug department. The drug scene has changed over the years and the police have adapted to it as it has changed. John did his time seeking out information to do their job. Political directives and interference with the course of justice from the top down still stick in his gullet but at least they make for a good story over a cool beer.
Dealing with mules slipping into the country carrying drugs make for a great story but the actual work at ground zero for the boys out of their blues would have been hard to stomach. Gathering drug information on their special Nark Line was a bit of a hoot. Serious stuff though and it seemed to have its place. From the little fish they would pick up more information about the bigger fish. That way of finding the information sure beats the hi tech and dangerous way of planting bugs and phone tapping.
I never did figure out what driving a Lada had to do with finding hidden drugs. I guess they just had the feel for the job.

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