Sunday, November 22, 2009

Peter and Sue Bryan

Peter and Sue Bryan from Aniseed Valley came to share with us a little bit of the amazing world they have been involved with recently.

They have been working in Mongolia for some time with World Vision. Initially the work was with poor street kids then this local can do anything Kiwi started diversifying. The local diet was horrible with lots of milk products and meat. Vegetables were very expensive and hard to source so the aid agencies figured out that there was a market for growing vegetables.
Peter started a scheme to build 10 wells that were funded by the NZ Government.
This project moved out to the semi nomadic people in the Gobi desert.
They helped one little village with a primitive well that had poor quality water.
They were able to put down a deep well beside the hospital which was new for them.
As well as the hospital water they set up an irrigation scheme to grow vegetables.
Then there were photos of an old fellow and his wife who had an abandoned well.
The Russians had abandoned it and World Vision was able to fix it up for them.
They rustled up a petrol engine pump and few pipes to sort it. As you can imagine the locals were over the moon about what Peter and his merry men could do.
The children are all learning English and many people are very keen to learn about the modern world. However out in the country it was very hard to communicate. All the kids regard mathematics as their favourite subject. Most of the people are really smart and keen to make progress. The people are very capable of doing it themselves and running their own country.
After centuries of foreign control from the Chinese and the Russians they are determined to make a go of their country like their revered famous ancestors had so successfully done.

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