Sunday, November 29, 2009

John & Phil Bergman

John and Phil Bergman the animal control officers for TDC came and talked last week.
As well as animal control they do parking enforcement, illegal camping, and abandoned vehicle recovery. Clearly the Bergman’s are passionate about their vacation.
They get one or two attacks per week on people or other animals.
Pitbulls are the most common breed that attacks other dogs. Couriers have a lot of bites due to the way they operate. If you get bitten that is not enough to get a dog put down.
The TDC have just built a $250000 pound. Compare this with Hutt city that spent $2.5 million.
There is only a small numbers of owners who have problem dogs.
Often the people with problem dogs do not have the money to pay the registration.
Dogo argentino dogs are very dangerous because they do not show their emotions. A lot of other dogs will show their emotions and this can be a clue to you to watch out. Often when they are about to attack you they rise their paw and keep their mouths shut.
They can sense your fear and this encourages them to attack.
There divergent views on dog attacks. Hospitals say attacks are increasing but councils say they are falling. This is because a lot owners and their families get bitten. As with a lot of difficult professions having a good sense of hummer is essential for survival. I can not print the best of the jokes but for those of you who heard it this little nudge will remind you.
Do you remember what the difference is between a cabbage and a collie? Only those of us who were there will be able to tell you. Dogs love one of them.

Have you blogged yet?
This is not just for young geeks you know. Ian Catto our oldest member has been at it.
Here is what he has put onto our blog spot.
Hi, Ian in the UK here
I made two make ups during the week starting 16 November. Monday evening at Cambridge south & Tuesday midday at the Cambridge club. At Cambridge South I met Tim Laws who will be in Nelson on Monday 7th December two days before we arrive home. Mike N, I have given him instructions where to contact you at the bank so he & his wife may attend our meeting. I am not sure how long he will be in our area as they wish to go up the Able Tasman he has my telephone number.
Patricia & I were in London on Saturday 21st so watched the 2and half of the England V NZ on TV not a great game & the English papers are saying the least impressive least dynamic & least effective New Zealand team seen at Twickenham I am inclined to agree as they don’t know how to score tries.
Hope the Santa parade goes well on the 6th

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